2013 Bridgeland Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Another triathlon on the books!  I always go into sprint triathlons thinking “it’s only a sprint” and “it will be over before I know it”, but while racing I’m thinking, “crap, this is hard!!”.  I think sprints get harder and harder as I go because I’m learning how to push harder both mentally and physically each time. 

To be honest, I didn’t come into this race feeling my best; the past couple triathlons I’ve done (CB&I and CapTex) I was really smart about a quick taper or at least avoiding hard sessions the week prior to a race, but I didn’t on this one.  By Friday of last week I was feeling burnt out and tired.  So this wasn’t my best race, but I kind of knew it going in.  I did get to race with and meet Matthew from Shawn’s Anomaly (the organization I was racing for) and enjoyed chatting with them about the race & cause – if you haven’t checked out my recent post on Birth Defect Awareness, please do.


Bridgeland Triathlon is a pretty popular tri here in Houston, and has a pretty large field (over 1,100 competitors).  The race was a 550m point-to-point swim, a 13 mi bike, and a 5 k run.  I was 4th in my Age Group of 66 women with a time of 1:16:27.  Not shabby, but the podium always seems to be just out of my reach!  Slightly frustrating. 

Swim: 11:45, 1:58/100m, 12/66 in AG – This was a new personal record for a non-wetsuit swim, so that’s kind of cool.  However, I had higher hopes for my swim. I was pushing pretty hard since I knew it was short, but I kept swimming very far left.  I also kicked too much and my sighting could be improved.

Bike: 36:43 mins, 20.9 mph, 8/66 in AG – The bike was pretty flat and uneventful.  I thought I’d do a little better, but again my legs felt tired already on the first mile!  

Run: 25:16 mins, 8:09 min/mi, 4/66 in AG – The run hurt!!  I just told myself not to walk.  I know I can go faster, but it wasn’t in the cards.  Surprisingly I was 4th in the run for my AG, so I guess everyone else was hurt by the heat too.  I did run past quite a few guys that commented “I’m getting chicked” and that told me I was speedy at the finish – thanks boys, I do love compliments.

On a positive note, I was 2nd and 1st in my AG for transitions – what, what!  At least I’m super fast at something Smile  And that’s without tri shoes and all that fancy bike mounting.  I do swear by my #1 tri rule: PRACTICE TRANSITIONS THE DAY BEFORE!!!  Seriously – all that training goes down the drain each second you lose fiddling with something.

Again, not all bad, but I’m getting to a point of less and less improvement than I’ve seen in the past few years, maybe a plateau of sorts?  Plus my routine is getting… routine.  I know there is more untapped potential, but reaching it without the right training techniques and plan is sometimes difficult.  And I’ve been known to overdo it.  So that’s why I’m getting a coach and am SO excited about it.  Who?  One of the triathlete bloggers I really look up to: TriMarni!  I’ve read Marni’s blog for some time now and truly believe in her quality training approach, I like her positive attitude, and I find her nutrition and lifestyle advice to be very helpful.  I’ve talked to her a couple times on the phone now and I know she’s a person that I’ll enjoy working with and can definitely trust as a coach.  What a great start to my Iron-woman year!  I’m going to be following a pre-built plan with her for Oilman Texas, a half ironman, then I’ll move to individual coaching for IMTX. 

Ok y’all, thanks for reading – I’m out to enjoy the rest of my RECOVERY day. 

3 thoughts on “2013 Bridgeland Sprint Triathlon Race Report

  1. I love being your coach!! You are such a dedicated, hard working individual who loves living a great healthy life. I am so excited to see you reach your dreams and goals this year and cross that IM finishing line!!!

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