Baby #2: 39 Weeks and Still Here!

I’m here, but playing the waiting game at this point.  Trying to take it really easy (not a problem).  Here I am at 38 weeks.


Symptoms: cramping, difficulty sleeping and stuffiness.  Nausea sometimes.   Back pain while walking – just feeling huge!

Weekly highlights: got my hair and nails done (whoop!).  Amazing how a little boost helps you feel better about yourself, especially when SUPER preggo. 

Food Cravings/Aversions: sweet things leave a gross taste in my mouth and I’m definitely eating more meat than when not pregnant.  Generally food is meh… lots of eggs, yogurt and La Croix basically.

Wishing: we had a name settled and that she will be a good sleeper; too much to ask?!

Wanting: to do a “real” work out, all the Betty Designs gear (obsessed lately), a glass of wine or a margarita! 


Activities:  Most days I start with a short workout and try to get some walking in, but by the afternoon it’s a nap and sitting around.  Not my preference, but once I’m on my feet for a long period I get tired.  I did do a few marathon cooking sessions – freezer foods + baked goods for our new neighbors.  Other than that, rest!  Nathan is 2.5 years and is a lot of fun, I wish I could keep up with him just a little more.  He’s doing swim class on Saturday mornings now.

 IMG_6393 (1)  

Loving: A little extra time with Nathan; we took a mom & son visit to Blake Gardens a couple days ago.  Since I’ve had pre-partum leave we’ve had a lot more time together to do fun things like go to the farm, walks, etc.

IMG_6359 IMG_6361

Maybe next post will be an introduction to our little lady!


2 thoughts on “Baby #2: 39 Weeks and Still Here!

  1. so exciting to make it to 39 weeks! I bet the days are going by fast and slow at the same time =) I am only 29 weeks but I am already having trouble keeping up with my little guy. I can’t imagine right now what 39 weeks will feel like.

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