Baby #2: 40 Weeks and Mom is ready

Ughhh…. did not think I’d make it to 40 weeks!  I was nervous a lot of this week thinking about impending labor, but now I’m just ready to not be pregnant.  I thought for sure on Thursday evening when I got a lot of cramps / painless contractions that something might happen, but no such luck.  Today I’m walking and adding spice (straight up jalapenos) to my dinner, maybe it will help?!


Doing: not much.  Watching the Olympics, napping, short walks & workouts, cleaning house, cooking freezer meals.  My to-do list is done, so I’m not sure what I’ll be up to next week if she stays in an extra week. 

Eating: small meals.  Oatmeal is the morning go-to and often a protein shake.  Eggs, yogurt, cereal, etc. but nothing too sweet.  I want soy sauce and salty snacks all the time!

Planning: post-pregnancy workouts; nursing and sleep will take first priority but I can’t help get excited to sweat again.  I made little notebooks for swim & bike workouts so they’re ready to go when my body is ready.  I’d like to take my time to build back my strength in 2018 and hopefully race or participate in some swims and bikes in 2019.  I hope to get back to running but know it will take a little more time post-partum. 

David finished epoxy-ing the garage floor and added a kiteboard suspension to our garage so he can practice tricks.  Nathan preferred it as a swing.  I would love to have core strength like that again someday!

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Now we’re just keeping the house clean, our plants watered, and enjoying lots of couch (i.e. tickle monster) time.

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We’re planning on a possible beach day tomorrow and Nathan will hang out with me Monday for President’s day.  Hope you have a nice long weekend!


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