Weeks 14 & 15: Facebook Official

Written week of January 30th

Finally we announced our pregnancy to the world!  Aka Facebook & Instagram.  It took a bunch of pictures to get the right one, but this outtake is particularly funny to me since we look so unsure and slightly upset about being parents.


My belly really poof-ed out these two weeks.  I feel like I am bigger than other women at this point in pregnancy, but not much I can do, it is what it is!  I know, a bunch of selfies, but that’s what you get since I’m not organized enough to do proper shots.

IMG_1938 IMG_1942 IMG_1950

My favorite breakfast is oat groats lately – so good and chewy if you have not tried them! – and I’ve finally added green smoothies back in the mix now that it is a bit warmer.


I also made this delicious lunch twice: pita with curry chicken salad and superfood slaw.  For the pita, I mixed canned chicken with Fage Greek yogurt (instead of mayo), curry powder, and chopped celery & apples.  For the slaw, I took a bagged slaw made of broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts and mixed it with crushed ramen and Annie’s ginger sesame dressing.


Workouts are going great.  I swam 7,000+ yards this week total!  Moderately of course.  And some strength, biking and running/walking.  Namaste y’all!


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Pregnancy Week 13: Breaking the News at Work

Written week of Jan 23rd.

What a big week!

Medical: We got back our nuchal translucency and our cell-free fetal DNA testing and everything looks good!  Our little one is doing great.  The only bummer was that the lab did not test for gender as we had asked for.  So now we have maybe a month more to wait to find out.

Work: I broke the news at work this week.  I was so nervous to tell my boss and had a whole plan laid out of what I’d say – how I was planning to come back, how we’d already lined up day care, etc.  But it turned out to be really easy!  My boss is a proud mother of two boys so she very much understood and was excited for me, and told me all about her pregnancies/career.  I’ll definitely remember how kind she was and how open and congratulatory the company has been (as opposed to concerned about resources and when I will return to work).  I haven’t committed to when I’ll come back to work, but guessing around 3-4 months post-pregnancy if things go well.  I think at least some work, whether part- or full-time, will help my sanity a little.

Shopping: I had my first maternity store experience at Destination Maternity this week and I actually enjoyed it!  My MIL joined me and I bought maternity slacks, jeans and a couple shirts.  Thank goodness, my pants were getting so tight.  They have these belly bumps you can try on.  Here is how I will look in a few months, yikes!!


This is a preview only!

Feeling / Eating: I’m still feeling surprisingly normal.  A little pulling in the abdomen here and there, but I hear it is because ligaments have been stretching.  I think my hormones have subsided, at least a little, because I seem to be in a much better mood lately too.  And eating is, well, the usual.  No cravings or aversions, so I’m afraid I’m terribly boring!  I’ve gained at least 6 lbs in the first trimester, which seems pretty normal but on the high side of average.  My belly size changes daily (a lot) with bloat.  I’m still going to bed super early (not unusual for me), so our nightlife consists of TV or the occasional game.  We tried Dominion recently, pretty fun.


Workouts:  I’m lucky to be working out with friends or David, who are willing to go slowly with me, or do faster intervals while I go slowly.  I did my longest run in awhile of two laps around Memorial Park this week, around 1:10 hrs, with walks.  It was lovely to be outside while the sun was rising.  I’m enjoying my Gain Prenatal Pilates app and a youtube 10 min core prenatal pilates.  That’s all for this week!

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