Pregnancy Weeks 33 – 35: Training, Baby Showers, and Nesting

Hi friends!  The weeks are finally running together.  Things were going by a lot slower in the 1st and 2nd trimesters, but now that I realize we have limited time left until baby arrives I’m in full on get-stuff-done mode! 

I’m so grateful that the ladies at work threw me a wonderful baby shower in early June, and my mother-in-law hosted a beautiful event with friends & family in late June.  I am extremely flattered and touched by all those that have been able to celebrate Baby Breaux with us!  Below are some fun snapshots from the coastal-themed baby shower my mother-in-law threw.  Baby better love the beach as much as his family does!

DSC_5746  IMG_1007IMG_0995  IMG_0941IMG_0951 IMG_0975 IMG_1018  IMG_0944 DSC_5747

Nesting: Now that we’ve received the majority of our baby gear and the baby room is mainly set up, things are seeming a lot more real.  We’ve also got our high chair, strollers and baby swing downstairs waiting for their new visitor.  I still have to purchase wall hangings and a rug for the baby room, but the basics are there.  My goals for this week are to finish my hospital bag and get the car seat inspected.  Then we will have the essentials covered!  July will be reserved for the finishing touches, stocking our pantry/freezer, and reading as much as I can.

Learning: David and I also stayed very busy in June with our training classes.  We took baby CPR, infant care, and a birthing class with hospital tour.  Lots to remember!  I finished Baby 411 as well and at least I have the basics and a good reference when I can’t remember (definitely recommend this science and research-based book!).  Next up his Happiest Baby on the Block as suggested by our pediatrician.

How’s baby?  He has been super active as ever!  I can’t tell what position he is in, but he really loves my right side, or at least his limbs are facing and punching that way.  My doc was guessing he is head down, but we have our last 36-week ultrasound next week and we will get to see how he is doing.  I can’t wait!  We haven’t seen him since week 20, which is four months ago.  From now on we will have weekly doctor appointments.  Sidenote – I keep telling my husband how it’s cruel that they measure pregnancy in weeks.  You think by week 30 you are so far, and then realize there are still TEN to go.  At least now that we’re almost in to July I can finally count down.

How’s mom?  I’m feeling about the same; excited to meet our little one.  At this point I hardly know how it will feel to be NOT pregnant.  I haven’t had too many mood swings; the only bummer continues to be that I can’t indulge in sweets or carbs as much as I’d like – and of course partake in biking, running, etc.  But I’m hanging in there and while I certainly won’t miss pregnancy, I will miss all the kindness people have shown towards me.  I love that people at the pool tell me I look great (for a preg woman in a bikini, ha!) and even people at the gym or grocery store make nice comments.  I’m at a 23ish? pound weight gain and definitely feel it going upstairs nowadays.  My only complaint is that my middle back aches from long car rides, so I try to avoid them if possible.  I think at this point we will just be staying around town for July anyway.

Challenges: Picking a name (ugh!) – I think we’re almost there though.  And getting solid sleep. 

Favorite Moments: Every time David talks to baby and seeing how excited he is.  He even got “his” hospital bag packed and by the door already :)   

Clothing Purchases: I got a Jolyn tieback bikini a few weeks ago and LOVE it (thank you Katie for the blog review/recommendation!).  Since it’s tieback I feel like I could easily adjust it for body changes post-pregnancy.  I think I want another for as much swimming as I’m doing…  Otherwise my clothing purchases have been very limited since I’m in the home stretch and can’t bring myself to drop the $$. 

That’s all for now!  Have a great week everyone.

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Pregnancy Weeks 28-32

Where have I been these last few weeks?!   Getting bigger I guess ;)


It’s so funny that I thought I looked huge in this picture taken at the end of my first trimester – what a skinny binny!

Baby Buys: We’re settling into our little home.  It’s coming together, just a few more purchases to make, and then a lot of baby room work to do.  I must be in a bit of a nesting phase since we finally got a glider, a dresser, and crib on order last weekend.  We’re going with a light, bright theme (white furniture) with a few hints of the beach-i-ness.  I don’t like the idea of kiddy themes too much, so staying neutral should be good.  And my registry is finally  complete.  So much research and different opinions!  I highly recommend the book Baby Bargains.  I read that thing front to back – it has been useful not only in cost savings and decision making, but also in safety information.

Speaking of our house – did you guys see the flooding in Houston a couple weeks ago?!  We were lucky it didn’t affect us, but a lot of the city didn’t fare so well.  I can’t even tell you how sick I am of this rain!!  My only saving grace is that I can’t bike outdoors right now anyway, so I guess it’s an okay time to be pregnant.

Feeling: Pregnancy is still same ‘ol, same ‘ol.  Little guy is such a mover.  We just watch my belly move and laugh!  What IS he doing in there I wonder?  I can’t wait to see what his little personality will be like.  I have a feeling he will be just like his dad :)   As for me, I’m at the point where I kinda feel like I will have this basketball belly forever; like it’s just a normal part of me now.  At the same time with less than two months to go I’m thinking “let’s get this show on the road!”  I am more curious about labor than fearful.  The aftermath seems much more daunting!

I feel baby hiccup sometimes and it is pretty low, so I’m hoping he has moved his head downwards into the right position – plus I’m feeling a little more pressure lower.  I was concerned for a bit since I’m not gaining much weight lately but doc says that’s perfectly normal that it slows in the third trimester.  Since I already gained 20lbs (quick weight gain upfront for me!) she felt that I’m doing fine.  She measured my uterus and said I was right on the money and not to be concerned.  I just don’t feel that huge as I thought I would at this point.

I also have trouble sleeping as well as I used to.  Definitely getting up lots to go pee, and just not sleeping as hard as I might have.  I think my mind runs a little too much with so many “to do” lists.

Food: Eating was a bit frustrating these last couple of weeks, since despite having passed my 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test, my doctor told me she still wanted me to follow a diabetic diet to make sure I don’t have a large birth weight baby (because my 1-hour Glucose Screening showed a small spike in my blood sugar, she said I might have some intolerance to carbs).  I don’t have to measure my blood sugar or anything, but she just suggested I don’t eat a lot of white carbs, sweets, or sugary drinks, which I don’t eat too much of anyway.  I’m doing my best not to freak out about it.  I was secretly bummed at first because I was looking forward to more bagels & pizza excuses in third trimester, but alas, no excuses to eat crap.  Interestingly enough though, I haven’t been super hungry and feel full easily lately (hence, the reason it’s hard to gain weight).  I also haven’t been craving too much, except for lots of kale salad and greens which is normal :)  I did go through a few days of enjoying very spicy foods last weekend and it backfired and gave me stomach issues, so I’m laying off the spice once again.

IMG_2213 IMG_2258 IMG_2260 IMG_2265

Latest obsession is roasted chickpeas & kale – still eating lots of eggs – and making my own lower sugar granola and nut butter.  Other frequent foods are salmon, berries, Greek yogurt, oat groats, cheese + apples and Ezekiel tortillas.

I may not have mentioned it before, but throughout the pregnancy I’ve been drinking sparkling water like crazy.  LOVE it.   Now David is now on to it also.  With as hot as it’s getting here, I really enjoy a cold La Croix (plain or lime); so refreshing.  And it makes me feel like I have a “beverage” if others are having drinks.

Fitness: I’m staying active and exercising for fitness still, though cutting back just slightly this trimester.  I’ve noticed if I do too much I get a little fatigued for the next day.  I was closer to 7 hours of activity per week, and now it’s more like 5-6.  That seems like nothing compared to real tri training, but I’m happy with 45 mins/day now.  My weeks usually look like 2x swims (1500 – 2000m), 2-3x 30 min strength training, 1-2x biking on the trainer for 30 mins, 1x prenatal yoga, and 40-50 min walks with David.  Everyone keeps asking if I feel terrible yet, but I’m still feeling relatively good so far!  I probably need to stretch more, but that’s true whether I’m pregnant or not.   As long as everything still feels good I’ll keep moving.

What I’m Missing: Free range on food and drinks!  I’d love some sushi, anything with goat cheese, and just not worrying about what I can or can’t eat.  I’m sure a cold beer will be great once August hits too.  We went to Houston’s Memorial Park this morning (David ran two 3-mile loops while I walked one – tried running for 15 seconds but still seemed too sore in the groin area), and I watched all the runners and cyclists go by and was really yearning to get my heart rate up and sweat a little.  I thought I’d never say this, but I also can’t wait to be able to push it and sprint in swims, versus being at one speed the whole time.

Baby Prep: We visited our good friends that live in Longview over Memorial Day weekend that have the world’s most adorable baby girl.  We got a weekend of “baby bootcamp” although their baby was so sweet and happy, they made it look easy.  Somehow I don’t think we will be that lucky!  It was great to talk babies and see how their new normal with a 6 month old was.  Seeing David around a baby was also the cutest thing ever.  He is going to be SUCH a good dad.


I’m also working my way through reading Baby 411.  I won’t retain much of it I’m sure, but at least I’ll know hints and where to go for information.  We are starting our classes this month too – infant CPR & a birthing class are on tap this week.  Crazy to think that in just two months we will be a family of three.

Have a great week everyone!!

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