Angel Island North Ridge to Sunset Loop Hike

Winter continues on here in Northern California; it’s another dreary day in the East Bay hills.  David is working nights (6P-6A) this week/weekend and Nathan had a stomach flu; my poor boys have been tired and not feeling the greatest.  And I’ve been cleaning up more vomit and diarrhea than I want to see for awhile..  All I can say is single parenting is tough!  I will be happy to have my second half back on “days” again.  It’s too weird saying hi for a quick 30 minutes at dinner before he heads to work, then seeing him once I wake up and before he goes to bed.  I can’t imagine having a spouse working nights full time.  Anyhow, at least we made the most of last weekend before all this craziness:

Last Saturday we had a free day and wanted to get out of the house; there are SO many different sights and scenes in the Bay Area, and we just love to explore.  Angel Island has been on David’s list for a while now, so we decided we’d do a “recon” trip to check it out and do a nice stroll.  We’d heard it’s a great place for family bikes and even camping.  How cool would it be to camp with sights of the City (SF) from an island?  We’ll do that someday, definitely. 

We took the first (10 AM) Tiburon ferry in Marin County; it leaves hourly until early afternoon.  There are other ferry options, but this one was only ten minutes, so it was really easy.  Several people even brought their bikes on the ferry, which would be fun!  This was Nathan’s first boat ride and he liked watching the water.  We saw quite a few seals on the way too.

IMG_3066 (2)

On the island there is a perimeter trail which was paves and ~5 miles.  We had said we’d do a short stroll there since we were still tired from hiking Mt. Diablo area the day before, but of course we couldn’t resist hiking to the summit of Mt. Livermore.  We did the North Ridge/Sunset Loop trail which was 5 miles and 800’ of elevation, rated easy.  It was a little cool in the shade but warmed up nicely during the day.


Going up North Ridge there are great views of Marin County and the Tiburon peninsula.  We couldn’t believe the number of sail boats that were out!


At the summit there are some great views of the City & bridges.

IMG_3074 (2)

We had a snack (& milk) break before heading down Sunset trail, but we wish we’d had packed a lunch.  There were some beautiful picnic spots – for next time. 


It was fun to see views of both the East Bay, Marin County and the Golden Gate Bridge as the hike looped around the island.


We definitely recommend checking this island out if you’re in the area; it’s quaint and a fun little getaway from city life!


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