Waterfalls of Mount Diablo Loop Trail Hike

Lots of folks have “date night”, and David and I enjoy this about once a month when we have babysitting, but lately we’ve really been enjoying “date days”.  We have a schedule which allows us to have every other Friday off, and if we’re not working (yes, bummer to work on your day off, but sometimes it happens) or running errands then we make it a point to use this Fridays to spend time together.  We drop Nathan off at daycare a little later and pick him up a little earlier, but we still have the middle of the day to ourselves to do something outdoorsy and go to lunch.  This past weekend it was wonderfully sunny, so we settled on a hike.  David had the good idea to do a waterfall hike since we had SO much rain over here on the west coast recently; he proved right, the falls were roaring!

We chose the Waterfalls of Mount Diablo Loop Trail, a 6-mile loop with ~1600’ of elevation.  It was a little muddy at the start and there are a lot of small stream crossings, but nothing too bad.  The hike starts out of a neighborhood in Clayton, CA and there is a good amount of street parking near the trailhead.  The first mile or so is flat and a bit muddy, but then it gets into the hills and some great views of Mt. Diablo State Park.  This is a really good hike to do after some strong rains since you’ll see a lot of waterfalls, but we’d definitely recommend hiking shoes and poles with the mud/stream crossings.   We were also glad we had the map on the All Trails app, as the trail cuts across many fire roads and had some small turns I wouldn’t have noticed, so it was nice to make sure we were on the right path.   Here are some photos from the day:

Starting off towards the Diablo hills


You can see a few of the waterfalls in the background.  We were really enjoying how easy it was not to have the extra weight of a toddler, diapers, milk, etc. with all the elevation.


We happened across a lot of stream crossings and were really happy to have our hiking poles on this hike.


One of the waterfalls up close,


And many more crossings!


There was only one sketchy area with a fallen tree that was difficult to get under.


This was our first time to the Mt. Diablo State Park area and we were very pleasantly surprised!  Felt like a little getaway to somewhere completely new.


What are you up to this weekend?  Do you enjoy date days and outdoors activities with your significant other?

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