Reef Bay Trail Hike on St. John USVI

A Breaux vacation wouldn’t be a vacation without a hike, so we decided to do the popular Reef Bay Trail Hike touted by some magazine as one of the top 10 hikes in the Caribbean.  The hike is in the central part of the island; you park off of Centerline Road and hike down to the beach and back (map source). There is a short side trail to see Petroglyphs as well.  The hike is about 5 miles, maybe 5.5 with the side trail; plan for 2.5-3 hours and bring adequate water, because you’ll definitely sweat.

Reef Bay Trail Map

It had rained the previous night and the trail was pretty damp & humid.  It was surrounded by pretty dense jungle for the most part, similar to hikes on Hawaii


His & her posing.  I guess David is trying to catch rain water?


The trail goes by some sugar mill ruins – doesn’t this make you think of Jungle Book?  I thought “where’s Mowgli?”


This was definitely a nature hike, bugs included!  Warning, big spider shot below that I almost didn’t put in since I hate spiders.  In order: a young buck, centipede, big termite nest, Golden Orb spider (I didn’t like seeing these and there were quite a few!), crabs, pineapple plants, and spiky lime tree bark (mango trees not pictured).  


We took 1/2 mile detour to see the petroglyphs which are next to a waterfall.  They were pretty interesting, especially the crazy eyes.


At the end of the trail near the beach there is another sugar mill ruin. 


The beach at the end is really beautiful; we really wanted to get in, but decided against it since we had tennis shoes and didn’t want to sweat with salt water & sand on the way up (this hike was really sweaty  – again, bring water!!).


Kissy picture for Laura & Bryan!


I liked the hike, but it was pretty dense and jungle-y which isn’t my favorite.  I was really happy to jump in the ocean at Francis Bay, which was our next stop.  It was about the most refreshing feeling ever!


8 thoughts on “Reef Bay Trail Hike on St. John USVI

  1. Very cool! That is a giant millipede! We were not feeling up for a long hike and decided against this trail, but it looks very beautiful. I didn’t realize those were pineapples.

    Love the kissy picture, the competition is on now!

    1. No, that’s okay! (on the kissing competition) you guys win 🙂 The trail was good but so dense + hot, though it was worth it for how great it felt to dip in the ocean afterwards though!

    1. Hi Eugeniya, Charlotte Amalie is on St. Thomas; we ferried in and out of there and it is very crowded and I did not see a beach (it seemed like a cruise boat stop). I’m not familiar with the beaches on St. Thomas.

      For St. John, you might check the pictures in the recent post on beaches – Cinnamon might be the prettiest with a low amount of crowds, Francis was pretty uncrowded with some boats in the distance, and there are a couple you can hike to. Let me know if you have any more questions! All the beaches were very nice.

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