Last Days in Hawaii

We were fortunate to have a few last days in Hawaii before returning to Houston for work.  We filled them with more beach activities, hiking, & pizza making.

Our first hike was the Aiea Loop Hike, literally a walk from my parent’s house.  I think I’d be trail running this one all the time if I lived here!



We also let the guys get their windsurfing in at Hickam.  My hot husband:


David & my dad talking wind and windsurfing together.



We also tried the Tantilus Hike, a slightly longer one, also in the hills of Oahu.  It started out like a Fern Gully rainforest, turned to a bamboo forest, then into this crazy root system:


Finally, we found an opening with some cool views.


It was a pretty neat hike; afterward we ended with a stop in Honolulu at the Peace Tree Vegan Café which I highly recommend, whether you’re vegan or not.  Everyone enjoyed their dishes and David even at a dish with Black Eyed Peas (He refused them as a kid!).  I had to take a photo as proof for his mom.


The visit ended with one more pizza night my parents hosted for their friends.  David’s getting a little more confident in his pizza tossing!


Sadly our trip was over and we were back to Texas on a red eye.  Yes, we went to work immediately after we landed, which is not recommended.  Remind us NOT to do that again!

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