Fly Girl Catamaran & Diving on St. John USVI

We got a great recommendation from Laura & Bryan to do the Fly Girl Catamaran sunset sail; I absolutely loved this activity and would definitely recommend it as well!  The guys were really laid back and it was so fun to see the islands from a different perspective.  We called last-minute the day before and got a spot.


I’ve been on a sail boat and it is a bit more work, but on the catamaran we could sit back and relax and the guys really only had to maneuver when they were turning.  I also didn’t have any motion sickness and thought it was very smooth (maybe the dramamine helped too).  There were two guys operating the catamaran, and one of their girlfriends came along; they were all super nice and great to talk with!  We grabbed a couple drinks and headed out. 


It was pretty windy at first and we hit a small squall, but the guys avoided it well, and it quickly passed through.  We headed towards the isle of Lovango, (named for Love-and-go by sailors back in the day), then out to some cool rock formations where you can see cannonballs if you dive; so pirate-y.  Cheese, deli meats & crackers were served as appetizers.


Then we enjoyed the amazing sunset.  A great trip that I’d recommend to anyone.


A quick footnote on boat tours:  we decided against a sail trip to the British Virgin Islands after seeing the zoo of lines & kids getting on the BVI excursions at the Westin.  It seemed like the trips were aimed for just drinking & keeping kids occupied.  If I were to do one, I’d look into Fly Girl instead – they even recommended that you charter a private boat, then they can drive you to the various islands on your own schedule. 

Also during our stay in St. John, we did a two-tank AM dive with Cruz Bay Watersports.  This was my first dive in 8 or 9 years (I was certified while my family lived in Guam)!  I was a little nervous but just told myself to do something that scared me, plus I was with David who has dived a ton and these dives were pretty shallow and tame.  {Photo courtesy of Bryan Knight}


The boat picked us up at the Westin dock and there were about 15 divers and three staff members.  We got placed in the “sharks” more advanced group, as opposed to the beginner “octopus” group – yeah.  We wore full wetsuits and were pretty happy to have them since we both get cold easily; there were, however, a few divers without wetsuits that did just fine.

The first dive was at Allen’s Cut (we think that’s the name, but can’t remember); there was a lot of coral similar to Waterlemon Cay and it was 45’ max depth, but we hovered around 35’ most of the time.  We also saw some tarpon and a number of other fish I can’t name.   We had rather little surface time, then were back in for our second dive off the isle of Lovango, again at 30-40’.  We saw multiple eel, large crabs, and coral.  On both dives we stayed near the boat.

The dive masters were really nice and helpful, I liked them a lot.  I wouldn’t expect spectacular diving on St. John, and I think they took us to some really close dive sites since we didn’t request otherwise, but it was a great refresher for me and got me comfortable with diving again.  It was also fun to dive and talk (sign) with David underwater for the first time.

Any other divers out there?  I think of it as “underwater sightseeing” – such a different, crazy world down there!

3 thoughts on “Fly Girl Catamaran & Diving on St. John USVI

      1. We did! I’ve been on cruises down through some of the islands and we did a snorkel trip in St. John from St. Thomas. I hope to get back again SOON!

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