Sugarloaf Ridge State Park: Bay Area Family Campsite

Hello everyone!  It’s another gloomy 4th in the Bay Area (can’t get used to that), but luckily we were able to start the holiday weekend with a getaway to warmer weather.  Just north of Sonoma is Sugarloaf Ridge State Park (which I stumbled upon when I was searching for nearby campgrounds with openings on this busy weekend).  We drove up after work and it was only 1:15hs from the Berkeley area, with a stop in Sonoma for dinner – nice!  We stopped at the Red Grape and enjoyed their pizza & wine.  We got to the campground and it was idyllic: kids playing on bikes, quiet and very family-friendly.


We were [of course] up early and ready for a hike the next morning.  I had picked out Bald Mountain hike on All Trails.  After breakfast of oatmeal, eggs, and bacon we were ready to go.  We found the trailhead which had a nice map and write up available.


We gained elevation and were soon above the clouds.  We let Nathan out to do some hiking too.


And as always, the mid-hike potty break.


The views were really nice on this hike, and a lot of it was paved, so it wasn’t too bad.  There were vineyards on some of the mountains too.  Nathan got a nice snooze on the way back.


Getting back to the campground, we grabbed some PB&J’s and snacked before attempting to nap.  That didn’t work so well, but playing on rocks was more fun!

IMG_1950 IMG_1955

We really liked this campground and are excited to go back, it was so easy to get to and a great place for kids.  There are several shorter (1-2 mi) hiking options for families plus some extended ones.  And next time we’re planning our stops at Sonoma wineries on the way back!

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