2017 – Year in Review

Helloooo!  After a long hiatus I decided it’s worth a recap of 2017.  Not my best blogging year, but filled with many memories.

January – We returned from NYE in Tahoe with my sisters and bundled up for our first a chilly and wet Bay Area January.  We took Nathan to the Oakland Zoo for the first time and he barely knew the animals – not the case now!

 QFGW8458  IMG_5222 IMG_5313

David and I enjoyed our Friday date days by hiking the waterfalls of Mt. Diablo – a must during rainy season!  We also took our first family trip to Angel Island and did the Sunset Loop hike

IMG_3049IMG_3066 (2)  IMG_5368

February – This was a quiet month for us.  David did quite a bit of overtime / night shift at work (boo!).  Nathan and I took a quick trip to Tracy to visit my aunt & uncle and the art show they help host.  I loved seeing their workshops and gardens.  We continued lots of family story time at the library this year (I don’t think the bubble event took place in Feb, but it was cool nonetheless!). 

image1 IMG_5407 IMG_3329

March – David and I had a “fancy” date night at Green’s restaurant in SF and I took a solo trip to LA at the end of the month to celebrate my cousin’s baby shower.  We also tackled Yosemite (first trip there!) with 4 other couple and 4 boys under two. 

 IMG_5432 IMG_5434 IMG_5476

With David at home again we did some SUP at nearby Crown Beach, I explored the amazing hills of East Bay (pregnant lady sidenote – can’t wait to get back to it!!), and we went crabbing at the Golden Gate Bridge.

 IMG_5452 IMG_5458IMG_5460 IMG_1591

April – Since Nathan was still under two we made an effort to fly as much as possible to see family.  In April we took our first family trip to Seattle to see my sister & brother-in-law.  It was my first time there and I loved it!  It even included a trip to Snoqualmie which later got David and I hooked on Twin Peaks.  The Breauxs also came to visit and watched Nathan while David and I did an Alcatraz night tour.

IMG_5543 IMG_5515 IMG_5528

IMG_5553IMG_5560 IMG_5563 

May – More exploring Berkeley (getting use out of the new bike seat for Nathan), hiking Wildcat Canyon, and brunch with friends.

IMG_5603 IMG_5595 IMG_5587

June – We made an effort to go on some new hikes since we are spoiled with so many nearby (Sibley Volcanic & Mt. Diablo).  Then another weekend trip to see David’s sister and brother-in-law in San Diego, which included hiking and beach time (sadly I felt pretty crummy on that trip, later to find I was pregnant!). 

IMG_5613 IMG_5638

July – We camped at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park – a rare find of last-minute campgrounds.  I was both sick & nauseated most of the trip but we managed to camp one night and do a 5-mile hike which we both really enjoyed.    We hit up the El Cerrito 4th of July fest and had a get-together at the house to say goodbye to some friends moving to NY.  Then I’m pretty sure I slept and napped the rest of the month (first trimester!).

IMG_1948IMG_5680   IMG_5678

We also confirmed there was a bean in my belly and celebrated Nathan’s second birthday with fire trucks & alligators.


August – I managed a few last bike rides before saying by to the road, we visited family in Napa, took more zoo trips and an outing to a tomato farm with cousins.

 IMG_5689 IMG_5717  IMG_5724

Then daycare was closed for summer break, so… Hawaii!  David got in TONS of kiteboarding, we did a vertically challenging pillbox hike, SUP’ed to Chinaman’s hat, had a date night on the beach, ate lots of vegan food, and of course, spent lots of time at Kailua beach park followed by Kailua Whole Foods. 

IMG_5834 IMG_5767 IMG_5798

 IMG_5820IMG_5807 IMG_5818

IMG_2171  IMG_5836IMG_5827 IMG_5850 

At the end of August I took a quick work trip to Manhattan Beach area and shamelessly looked out for Tone It Up’s Karena & Katrina, but alas, no sighting!  I did manage a quick visit with my cousin and her daughter, so fun.

September – Labor Day CA road trip!  We saw my grandmother, cousin and sister all in a few days.  It was a long and hot trip but always the best to see my family.

IMG_5903 IMG_5880 IMG_5884

October – Some wonderful friends came to visit, my belly grew, and I spent lots of time with Nathan while David worked some weekends.  I was even brave enough to take a toddler hiking with me at Angel Island while pregnant (not my brightest idea but fun!). 

 IMG_5906 PLIT1223 IMG_2326 IMG_5938 IMG_5956 IMG_5971

Nathan was the cutest and fastest little spider man for Halloween (he loved trick or treating!) and I threw together a quick costume for him to wear to school.  He continued his obsession with trains, planes, and things that go.

IMG_6040 IMG_6035 IMG_5986


November – This month pretty much flew by because we bought a house!! Yikes.  Our new house is spectacular and we were really grateful to have my in laws in town over Thanksgiving to help out.  We also loved spending Thanksgiving with my cousins Sarah and John as our kitchen was packed up over the holiday.  David and I took a two-day baby moon to Mendocino, but were in the midst of house discussions, so it wasn’t our most relaxing getaway!

IMG_6114 IMG_6102 IMG_6107

December – Many trips to Home Depot and getting the house in order!  Plus a special Christmas with David’s family in Paso Robles and also meet up with my sister & her husband.

IMG_6164 IMG_6180

It’s always nice to reminisce on the year, especially since this one went by so quickly being pregnant & having a toddler to juggle!  I’ve really enjoyed getting settled in the Bay Area (we love our library story nights, my book club, and our close friends and family in the area), and being homeowners has been such a pleasant new phase for us. 

This post reminded me how rich life is.  The young family phase can be challenging ,but the little moments are so special.  I’m almost done with pregnancy #2 (due Feb 17th) and excited to welcome this baby girl into the world to complete our little family.   Happy New Year to all!

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