Crown Beach SUP Sesh + 38 weeks

Hello from the Bay Area – 38 weeks and still kickin’!  We’ve kept our weekends pretty open since you never know baby’s timing.  Since we had a free day Sunday, and had no idea who was playing in the Super bowl, we opted to go to the beach.  Crown Beach is in Alameda, and we love it for SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding) and just a fun place to take Nathan.  The Bay is pretty darn cold though!

Here are a few shots from the day – I managed to do two short sessions, and given the lack of core muscles, it was more difficult to stand than I thought!

Nathan did great with Dad, but also wanted to take a nap on the board at the end, ha!

In other news, David set up my home gym in our garage – I LOVE it!  A must have for a working parent.  It’s a lot easier to get workouts in before the house wakes up.  Which I’ll add, has been too early lately.

Baby girl still in there.  Ugh, pregnancy doesn’t bring out my best self, but at least it is almost done.

I’ve been itching to get back to my fit self, even though I know it is a long way off.  I mentioned it in my last post, but something has felt missing lately.  Life is beautiful and I couldn’t love my boys more, and we love our new location.  But, I’ve given up a lot of my old self to work + kids these past couple of years so I look forward to finding more balance (that elusive word that I don’t really believe in).  Getting my body back might be part of that.  Since pregnancy #1 I hadn’t put a lot of effort into swim, bike or run since I knew my time constraints and that pregnancy #2 was something we wanted.  We are very sure we only want two kids, so I can start focusing more on fitness once again post-baby #2.  It keeps me alive and is a great example to set for the kids.  I say this now, not knowing how life with two kids will be!

Hope your week is going well – off to get a haircut (yasss!).

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