The End is Near: Pregnancy #2 at 37 Weeks

I thought this pregnancy I would be doing weekly or at least monthly updates, ha!  Between buying a house, the holidays, work and running after a toddler that didn’t happen.

So here’s where we’re at currently; I might as well get in at least one update.

Symptoms: A lot of Braxton hicks contractions, mild cramping and anxiety.  The usual issues of sleepless nights and waking all the time to go pee.  Hungry but I never feel like anything.  Generally tired and sleeping more than usual.

Weight gain: 30 ish pounds (a tad more than last time!)

Exercise: 30-45 minutes of weights / Tone it Up / MommaStrong most mornings before my toddler wakes up.  Walks a few times a week which are increasingly shorter due to back pain.  Exercise is a sad state of affairs for me right now, but I didn’t prioritize it enough and I’m trying to avoid further ab separation.  I purposely (and sadly) stopped swimming around half way through this pregnancy since I’ve had a lot of concern about diastisis recti.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be dealing with healing ab separation post-partum.  That being said I am soooo ready to get my body back, with the help of PT.  I know it will take some time, but at least the end of the pregnancy stage is in sight.

Thinking about:  girl names (don’t have it decided yet!), and how to balance two kids, work and athletics.  But equally not looking forward to sleep deprivation with a new born.  At least I know the new born phase is temporary and as hard as it is there will be an end.  I’ve been obsessively thinking about racing again, even though I know it is a long way away.  Moving to California has been amazing, but the pendulum swung the opposite way and I put a lot into work this past year.  I can’t wait to get to a middle ground.

Wishing for: The usual wine, sushi.  Running.  Getting my hair done (next week!).  Also fitting into my Betty gear and getting new gear.  I want it all!  It’s vain and I realize I’m very blessed with a healthy pregnancy, but I’m tired of my large body and can’t wait to feel cute again!

Third trimester shots:

Mood: pretty freaked out that my son is home with the flu (with me) and I really don’t want to have the flu while in labor.  Also pretty “meh” in general lately.

I hope all is well with you readers!  This week will be spent getting Nathan well again, some pre-school tours and the general nesting (cleaning, stocking the fridge). 

– Brittany

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