Sibley Volcanic Preserve

I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately, a little lost, not sure what my goals are.  Nathan is doing great, work is good for both David and myself, but I realized my hobbies are a little lacking.  I came across this Berkeley-based blog which I am now obsessed with; it both inspired me to better plan our weekends here in California and reminded me how much I enjoyed blogging.  It’s always nice to record our memories and what I’m feeling that day, season or year.  With that, David and I purchased a family tent (for car-camping), booked some campsites and planned a few more fun outdoor day trips that I can’t wait to share.


But first, just a short drive from our place is the Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve that I’d been wanting to explore south of Tilden Park for some time.  We knew it wasn’t a ton of elevation and we were intrigued to see the rock formations.  Part of the park also used to be an operating quarry.  We’re continually amazed by the huge amount of undiscovered hikes nearby.  We were there around 8 AM and it was empty.



There are some odd little labyrinths throughout the park. 





We’re starting to let Nathan hike for a bit too.  It’s slow!  But it’s getting him into the habit.




The route we took is highlighted below.  We meant to do the full loop towards the skyline trail, but somehow missed a turn.  There are many small offshoots so you can make the hike short or longer if you like, we hiked what felt like 3 miles.  There is a nice pavilion with restrooms at the stating area where cyclists also seemed to pass through.  Note – there are lots of folks with dogs on this trail, which is helpful to entertain toddlers.


We are thinking of hiking somewhere in the Mount Diablo area next weekend, I’d better do some research! 

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