Spring Weekend in Seattle

My sister, Elise, and her husband, Mike moved from Chicago to Seattle last year and ever since I couldn’t wait to visit.  I had never been to Seattle and had heard such great things.  With Nathan’s daycare on spring break for a couple days in April, we jumped at the chance to visit while he is still under two and flies free.

We didn’t do any research at all for this trip, but we figured we would have plenty to do.  We flew in on a Thursday while my sister was still at work, so for the afternoon we did some tourist-y things downtown while it rained on and off.  We hit up the huge REI store (where there is a nice indoor playground for kids on the upper level – it was nice for Nathan to get some energy out!), then over to Pike’s Public Market to grab a snack- Russian pastries at Piroshky Piroshky – the smell is intoxicating; the pastries are decent but somehow the smell is better.  We ate them at a nearby park to get some views of the Sound.

IMG_5493 IMG_5492

The following day Elise took off work and we first checked out the Troll under the Fremont Bridge, but Nathan was scared so we didn’t stay long.  We next headed over to the Ballard Locks to watch the boats going in and out – Nathan much preferred the boats as he loves all things transportation.  It was fun to see a boat enter and exit, and a reminder of the maritime culture in the city.


We then hit up the Chihuly glass gardens early (all trying to be done prior to Nathan’s nap!), which was a highlight of the trip – definitely recommended!  Every room we walked into I was in awe.

IMG_5522 IMG_5521

After a quick lunch and nap for Nathan, and the rest of us, we took an afternoon stroll/hike at the nearby Discovery Park to check out the beach and lighthouse.  What a nice park for running/walking – I can see why there is a lot of running culture in the northwest!

IMG_5528 IMG_5523

We met back up with Mike and headed over to the Peddler Brewery for some flights & games – I recommend the pear cider if you go!  Elise beat us at the board games, per the usual!  Lastly we headed to a nearby restaurant for some seafood, but were sad to hear that oysters were off the menu because of a nora virus scare (I’m not a fan, but the others like them).  We did so much in one day, we were all exhausted and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep on the couch before getting to bed that night.


On Saturday, we planned a fun day in Snoqualmie (where they filmed Twin Peaks for any followers).   They had a kids Easter egg hunt in the morning, with a gorgeous view of the mountains in the backdrop.  Nathan had fun on his first egg hunt, then Dada ate all the candy.

IMG_5539 IMG_5540 IMG_5538

With the egg hunt out of the way we headed over to hike Little Si mountain.  It was a little crowded, but ended up being a nice 4-5 mile hike – a good challenge, but not too difficult for families.  We absolutely loved how green it was!

IMG_5543  17966106_10100289098491350_6634032913278995033_o  

Beautiful tall trees.

 17990314_10100289098501330_4285357426363715516_o IMG_5542

Nathan was a great hiker, but had a nice snooze on the way down.


We grabbed lunch at a nearby bar & grill, then had to walk over to the famous Twin Peaks diner to finish with some coffee and “damn good” cherry pie (we also got cheesecake with blackberry topping, and I actually preferred that to the pie!).  Now David and I are watching Twin Peaks on Netflix (so odd – cult classic!) and it’s fun to say “we sat there!”


We also took a quick stop to the waterfalls before heading home.  We had so much fun and loved the variety in Seattle – so much diversity in so many ways!  We love that we have family there to visit; thanks Mike & Elise for a great trip!

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