2016 Recap: Getting Comfortable

First, Happy (belated) New Year to all!  I’m getting back on the blog/writing bandwagon, and it really feels good.  When we moved to California, I was headed to a new division, location and role, and I knew a lot of my time would be taken up by work in the first few months.  I was right, and blogging fell off the table completely.  I ended up working a lot of overtime in the fall and even pushing all our vacation to the end of the year.  Luckily I’ve been loving my new position; it’s challenging and I’m learning a lot, so no complaints.  But I’ve missed writing, so here are a few thoughts on 2016 to get up to speed.


2016 was all about getting comfortable again; comfortable with parenthood and comfortable with myself.  2015 was beautiful, yet tough considering all the “new” things – pregnancy, motherhood.  2016 let a sigh of relief and I could finally get back to being me.  I hit my stride again and was truly happy this year.  On the parenthood side, things became more predictable and also more fun.  Nathan transitioned from a baby to a full blown toddler and watching him learn has been astounding.  What a little sponge.  We’re still working on “no hitting” and Nathan likes to push his limits sometimes. 


I’ve loved watching David’s relationship with Nathan grow this year.  David is a better Dad/husband/person than I could ever ask for and he does so well with Nathan; he continually teaches him and also knows when to discipline him.  These two are going to be best buds.  I’m hoping they share the same passion for water sports someday.


I also gained back my confidence and got more comfortable in my skin again after a lot of post-partum feelings of not being enough.  The new mom shame of feeding my kid formula in public, the guilt of going back to work (and enjoying it), or the humiliation of having him act up on an airplane are long gone.   I can finally be comfortable in my own skin and not embarrassed when my kid is being a kid.  My body is [finally] back to feeling strong and capable after putting in the hours and my fitness is great.  I let go of my lofty triathlon expectations (they may come again in a few years) and I’m just learning to enjoy life at a slightly slower pace for now.  I’m not missing endurance sports, but I still love to read about others’ races and goals!


With the long hours at work in 2016 I still never joined a gym (let alone pool) and have had little time for biking outdoors, so my routine is still waking up and working out at home before Nathan gets up at 6 AM.  I still look forward to getting up every morning to get in my ToneItUp.com daily moves and whatever exercise video is in store that day.  The functional and body weight (plyometric) exercises have been a challenge for this previous endurance junkie, and they really seem to set me up well for other fun activities like kiteboarding.  And they are quick – given that I usually have 1.5 hours to get up, workout, then get ready for work before Nathan is chanting “ma-ma?” at 6 AM.


One odd thing this year is that I’ve lost my biking passion a bit lately and am trying to figure it out.  I live in an awesome place for biking, but I don’t know the routes and don’t have any cycling buddies.  I also have too much guilt for leaving for too long on the weekends, since it just seems unfair that I should leave instead of spend time with my family.  Maybe this will get more manageable as Nathan gets older? 

2016 was a really special year to grow as a family of three and make a big cross-country move.  I’m proud of all we’ve done and can’t wait to see what 2017 holds. 


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