Fall 2016: Lassen National Park, Grandpa’s Memorial and Halloween

Hello, hello!  Wow, I’ve been out for awhile.  I can’t complain if I have zero followers with this sort of frequency!  I had a glitch downloading my photos, and then got wrapped up in work during the last half of 2016.  But lying in bed at new years I started to run through all the fun things we’ve done and realized I want to recap some of our fun California adventures!  Forgive me if my writing is rusty at first.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

We settled on a September weekend trip to Lassen Volcano National Park, which is a 3-4 hour drive north of the Bay Area.  It was our first trip as a family of three to do something other than visit family, and it had to be David’s proudest moment.  We rented a tiny cabin for two nights, with enough room to keep a pack ‘n’ play.  Our itinerary was to do the “big” hike up Mt. Lassen the first day and then visit some fun steam vents the next day and head home.  We brought our portable grill and grilled out the first night (note that there isn’t much to eat near the park by way of restaurants, and even the grocery store is limited).

Wine is a first priority when traveling with a toddler!

14424946_10100198254533370_8982592815883703444_o 14500577_10100198254568300_9178407103250719713_o

Grilling & man things.

IMG_4776 IMG_4779

The next morning we set out to hike Lassen Peak.  Yes, David chose this hike to do with the baby backpack – starting at 8,000’ with a “strenuous” 5 miles.  He secretly enjoys passing young kids with a baby on his back.  Not to worry, we had a lot of diaper, milk and food stops for Nathan.  I’m only the diaper/food/milk/water carrier and I was still huffing and puffing at these elevations.  For any young parents – we loooove our Osprey Poco child carrier with a sunshade.

IMG_4787 IMG_4785

The park is extremely vast.

14434850_10100198254837760_758167364469430204_o 14409576_10100198255291850_1262396796115473712_o

We made it to the top (~10,500’).  Nathan napped.


Day 2 was a visit to Bumpass Hell, a gentler, kid-friendly hike with steam vents. We got up early for this one to beat the crowds, and it was magical being there alone.  It’s only a couple miles in. 


If you go: dress warmly (it was unseasonably warm the weekend we were there, and still cold to us), bring extra food if you’re picky, and plan to drive if you want to get to different parts of the park (no traffic, just big). 

Granpa’s Memorial / Celebration of Life in Riverside

My dad’s father passed away this fall; the memorial service at the Riverside National Cemetery with family and friends was very sad, yet very beautiful.  My family rented a large vacation home (mansion) and had family & friends over to eat and visit afterwards.

Grandpa loved the color purple and wine, so we honored those.

14612548_10102657635713585_4702778315802415886_o 14682210_10109022264875744_2132264460943157712_o

IMG_4895 IMG_4875

Nathan getting his first surf lessons (in the cool hot tub).

14589967_10109022262495514_818477070507606892_o 14711526_10109022262465574_4376727355318655208_o  14681994_10109022261357794_2885670793815428853_o


For Halloween, we headed to a friend’s house in nearby Albany to go trick or treating on a cold, windy evening.  Nathan and his buddy had no idea what was going on, but we sure were dressed cute as Rainbow Brite and Twink (‘80s cartoon characters for you young ‘uns) thanks to David.  David made the Twink costume – yes he sews – and we both worked on mine. 

14856058_10109130045637234_8628162647121529999_o 14890480_10109130045627254_8253473980173148179_o

Lots of fun with our toddler!  We love showing him new experiences ❤

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