Hello Bay Area!

Just a quick post to jot down some thoughts in the midst of our move.  We have only a couple weeks left and are already saying our goodbyes to many friends, which is sad, but we are also so very excited for the new area and to meet new ones.  Moving was such a huge part of my childhood.  I think I counted once, and we moved at least 9 times and lived in 10+ houses over the course of my 18 years at home.  I often hated moving and leaving my friends, but I look back and loved the feeling of a fresh start, new scenery and new experiences.  I can still remember all the different smells and climates we lived in, from Germany to Guam.  It feels different now though; maybe it’s because we are the ones moving our family.  David and I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to move.  We do love Texas and certainly love our family near by, but we also knew we would always ask “what if?” if we didn’t take the road less traveled.  The road less traveled will be a more bumpy one in many ways, but it will also give us a new adventure.  Plus, we expect we will be back in Texas at one point or another.


Last weekend David and I headed to the Bay Area for six days to go house hunting.  We decided to rent instead of buy since we are unfamiliar with the area, and even then, it was an extremely tough time getting a place.  We had a list of options a few days before our trip, and all our favorite houses were rented by the time we got there!  We did find an awesome daycare and a great place to live, but it was an emotional weekend to say the least.  We left Nathan with Grammy & Poppa in Houston and they had an absolute blast!  We were the only ones missing him.  Luckily, we got a ton of picture updates and Facetime; we are very lucky to have such great babysitters.

IMG_4192 IMG_4198IMG_4166

We were also very grateful to stay with my cousin Sarah and her husband John that live near Oakland.  They live on a REALLY steep hill close to some rose gardens.  It was perfect for morning workouts.  I loved the charm of their 1920’s house and we enjoyed dinners with them after long days of daycare & house hunting.  It will be such a treat to live near them.


We had some pretty long days, and we were happy to get away one evening since John had scored tickets to a night at the Museum of Science.  They opened the museum exhibits up, and had free food & drinks and even a silent disco (you wear headphones and choose what DJ station you listen to).  It was a blast and felt nice to get “introduced” to the City.

  IMG_4125IMG_4142 IMG_4150

Now we have two weeks of wrapping up work and getting our house ready to ship.  It’s bittersweet in many ways, but I’m also ready.  Let’s do this!

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