A Weekend Getaway in Austin – Picture Recap

Hello!  First off, some fun news – we are moving!  It’s finally official that we are headed to the west coast.  My husband and I both accepted jobs in Richmond, California; we will still be working for the same company, just relocating.  We are really excited about moving to the Bay Area and all that it has to offer!  We move the end of May, which is approaching fast.  More to come in upcoming posts, but we are ecstatic about this new adventure!

Given that we’re moving soon, we started a list of things we wanted to do in Texas before we left.  One was to visit Austin, one of our favorite cities.  My amazing in-laws offered to babysit for the weekend (and were so excited about it!) so we planned our trip, which was also a birthday celebration for me, just one week prior to my 33rd birthday.  Here’s a [mostly] picture recap of what our perfect weekend in Austin looks like.  I think April-May are the absolute best times to be in the Hill Country – the weather is amazing in the spring.  Only bad part was that David caught a stomach bug for part of the weekend, but he was still a trooper and we went to our favorite spots anyway.

Houston to Austin is ~3 hours or less depending on traffic.  We broke up the drive by bringing our lunch and we stopped at a random park in Brenham (we were driving from The Woodlands).  Commence yoga pose challenge!


We checked in to our hotel that afternoon then grabbed a juice and went for a walk at a nearby park.  There are lots of parks and trails in Austin.  We were enjoying not being on a schedule – no diaper changes or bottles to worry about!


We stumbled across a Scrabble cow!  (we played Scrabble on our first date and David incorporated it into our wedding proposal too)


That evening we grabbed a drink at the rooftop of Maggie Mae’s on 6th street while listening to live music.  I had a grapefruit Deep Eddy Vodka spritzer (had to go local, of course), while David had an Austin beer.  Later we had tickets to Master Pancake Theater – our FAVORITE movie/comedy entertainment.  If you are in Austin you must go!  It’s a riot.  There are 3 comedians that talk during a movie and make fun of it.  This time it was Braveheart, which they had to shorten significantly.  I was laughing so much in the first ten minutes, I had already gotten my money’s worth!  You can also order food/drinks during the move.  Their menu changes; we had a Brussels sprouts & goat cheese pizza plus buffalo cauliflower ‘wings’ which were both fantastic!


We had brought both bikes and were really excited to ride together the next morning, but David’s stomach kept him in bed 😦  I suited up anyway and went on the Austin Tricyclist ride loop.  It was so fun to ride hills again, but it was probably the last time I do that loop; it was quite a lot of traffic compared to what I remember years ago.  I was happy to have my very bright Betty Designs kit on.


We brought breakfast to our hotel which was a good call – so much cheaper and yummier if your hotel has a mini fridge.  I’m often disappointed by the fruit and offerings at restaurants for brunch (not to mention the wait for a hungry cyclist…)


For lunch we had to stop by the Whole Foods mothership downtown.  I am just in hot bar heaven at this place!


The afternoon was free so we did a little napping and shopping (both rarities with a baby!) and went to a huge Half Price Books store and got some cheap reads for our upcoming house hunting trip.


We had planned margaritas on the lake before David was sick, but after a lot of time in bed he was okay with going out.  Basically, I got the margaritas while he had sprite!  It was still fun and always nice to see the lake.


Oh, and in the meantime we were getting great updates from Grammy, Poppa & Nathan who were having a blast!  They went on a walk to the Beignet shop for breakfast and Nathan was having so much fun with Amber and playing in their big backyard.  He didn’t even notice we were gone!


On Sunday morning we did a quick run at Towne Lake – always a fave – and saw a local 10K start.  David mainly walked but I was feeling okay and enjoyed the trails and being near the water.  It brought back memories of many runs and triathlons in the area!  We always love our time in Austin and can’t wait to take Nathan someday.

3 thoughts on “A Weekend Getaway in Austin – Picture Recap

  1. What a fun weekend… love Austin and always look forward to visiting Nick’s sister and her family there. Big congrats to both of you on your new gigs and upcoming move to Cali! So exciting!

  2. How fun to get away for the weekend before life gets a bit crazy with the move?! Austin is a place I’ve never visited, but have heard wonderful things from multiple people about it! I think we need to put it on our list of places to visit! Congratulations on your move! I can’t wait to hear where you end up living. My sister lives in the East Bay, so when I venture out West, we’ll have to meet up in person!

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