Mom & Baby Month 8: The Sweet Spot

Hello everyone!  Somehow I skipped month 7 and am already on to month 8.  Watching Nathan grow and bringing him happiness makes me happier than I could have ever imagined.  Things are becoming a little more (dare I say) routine now.  For the most part we can expect two naps a day and pretty consistent feedings, a mix of solids and bottles.  Nathan isn’t quite crawling yet – he can get in position but generally scoots around and then gets frustrated.  I am told it’s better to enjoy this time while he’s not too mobile anyway!  I feel like we are at a great sweet spot in baby time.  He’s generally happy, can play himself (though does get bored an like attention after awhile), and is starting to mimic us.  Nathan understands the clap command now and always wants to eat whatever mom and dad are eating or drinking.  He is super excited when he sees dogs or fans, and just loves being outside, thrown in the air or being upside down.  David and I comment often that by having a baby we had no idea we’d laugh so much every day.  It really brings out the silliness in all of us.

Yeah, I used to be so annoyed by baby pictures, and now here I am “look at my baby!”  But I really can’t help it.  Dad had two stellar photo shoots last month. 

IMG_3939 My little merman, in honor of Zoolander II – knitted by Aunt Elise

IMG_3952 Looking like a little boy already!  Those eyes.

IMG_3954 Spring bluebonnet shots are a Texas tradition.  We found the perfect prop too.


We had our first week without dad in March when he went on a trip to Korea/Singapore for work.  We did lots of Facetime with Dad and went on a lot of evening walks together.  We even did #ToneItUp workouts on either side of the globe. 

IMG_3850 IMG_3864 IMG_3868

As for me, I’m pretty happy where I am mentally and physically.  Whatever craziness happened post-baby I do not miss!  For any new parents out there, I promise it gets SO much easier!  (I didn’t believe this for a time period, but for us, after 6 months things changed dramatically.  Getting real sleep again is a game-changer)

I’m really psyched that my running is going well lately.  I’ve gotten a lot of core, hip and glute (booty!) strength back from ToneItUp strength routines and I can start to push it finally.  I try to run once during the week and then we do a family run often on the weekends – David pushes the stroller which gives us both strong workouts along the bayou hills. 


I also do about two bike rides per week, usually one spin class (because they are fun) and one on the trainer.  I actually like the trainer better than road only because I don’t have to drive to get to it, and I can push myself pretty hard on it.  I’m spent after an hour.  Last time I channeled my inner Erin and listened to Girl Talk while pushing some high (for me) watts.


I’m also trying to go to yoga once per week on Fridays before work – it doesn’t always happen, but I found I had a number of classes from an old groupon-type deal at a studio nearby and I’ve been loving sweaty flow sessions.  And of course, I’m still following the Tone It Up Spring Warm Up series.  It has done wonders for me post-baby and is enabling my old activities and making me feel stronger hauling around this little guy.  I can’t wait for their bikini challenge coming up (yes, a little obsessed!). 


What else?  Exciting changes and challenges coming soon that I can’t wait to announce.  Just feeling lots of gratitude lately and couldn’t ask for anything more, except time.  We are going to have our first weekend getaway to Austin without baby this month (my birthday!) and I’m very much looking forward to that too!  Margaritas might be in order.



8 thoughts on “Mom & Baby Month 8: The Sweet Spot

  1. Girl Talk FTW! Big fan of the trainer over here, too (though I’m excited to finally get outside soon). Nathan is such a handsome little guy! Glad you’re settling into a routine and getting more sleep, too!

    1. Thanks lady! Loving your blogs lately – just haven’t been good about commenting :/ inspired by some of your dinner ideas too! yes, sleep makes a world of difference!

  2. It is amazing how time flies!! It seems like Nathan was just born and now he is 8 months old?!?! Crazy!! You are looking amazing and ready for summer 🙂 Nathan is so cute…such great photos of the little man!! I have missed yoga the last couple of weeks and I can tell my body really wants to reconnect with my mat!! Good for you to go every Friday!!

    1. I know! Crazy… Thanks so much 🙂 I am enjoying following your training too (sorry for lack of comments lately) yes- lucky to have a yoga studio three blocks from my house and some free passes- really enjoying it!

  3. There is such a happy tone as you write about life with Nathan. He is just the cutest. I’m sure he and Axel would be best buds if we lived in Houston. Maybe someday I’ll make it back for a visit. 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about the sweet spot. I struggled for a while during the newborn phase, but am now really starting to enjoy the day to day liveliness and joy of interacting with a 7-month old. There are so many smiles and giggles – it’s just the best. Everyone has been telling me not to push the crawling or movement, and savor this time before things “get real.” Haha. Glad to see you are happy and well. Can’t wait to hear about the big news!

    1. Thank you so much Kristen!! Axel is absolutely adorable as well! I’ve been loving your training and life updates lately (sorry I’m behind on commenting ugh! But seriously you are a Wonder Woman with all you’re juggling, I’m always SO impressed) yes, I bet they would be buds 🙂 and yep, the smiles and giggles are just the best. Definitely let us know if you are ever in town, though we may not be here much longer hint hint 😉

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