Last Week’s Workouts – Tone It Up

Hey y’all!  I mentioned last week that I am enjoying some really fun interval workouts and new strength training routines, so I thought I’d elaborate.  Lately I’ve been doing the Tone It Up challenge, which was introduced to me by some of my Betty Designs teammates.  It’s free, and though it is probably marketed more towards younger women it’s been perfect for me as a mom – the workouts are quick and can be done at home or a gym (I even did one of their workouts while offshore last week!), and incorporate both gym classes (spin, etc.) and yoga in weekly.  If I don’t have much time, I might do a routine 1x through, but if I have more time (i.e. baby is still sleeping, etc.) then I can do it 2-3x through.

I’ll be completely honest that at first I thought this would be way too girly and was too sexed up, but I have to admit that it’s been a really great experience for me!  I’m finally feeling confident in my body again feeling better about myself.  There are “exclusive” workouts which you can purchase (I did purchase their $25 workouts for this challenge, but you could certainly go without) or there are plenty of free ones on their website.  They do a ton of core, hip and glute (booty!) work, which has been my weak area since pregnancy.  I can finally feel my lower abs and transverse abdominals working again, and it makes such a difference; for the first time in a long time I’m running pain free!  I also think this fills the void of having a schedule once again – I love planning out my week on Sunday!  And lastly it’s fun – it’s a nice change and each week and workout has new and different moves.  Karena and Katrina are light hearted and enjoyable as “trainers”.

Last week I followed this Week 7 schedule, and shifted it around to fit my work/at-home hours.  Right now David has morning daycare drop off, so generally I go to the gym early from 5-6 AM, then get to work between 6-7 AM, and I have afternoon daycare pick up, so I try to be at daycare by 4:30 AM, and spend 5-6:30 with Nathan before he goes to bed.  The weekdays go by very quickly!


All this wouldn’t be possible without my #1 teammate being the best dad and husband!  Aren’t they twins?!

Mon – At Gym: 2x Burn it Up HIIT routine + Bodyweight HIIT routine

Tues – At Gym: Spin Class (45mins) + abs workout

Wed – At Home: TIU Band Workout + Burn & Flow (yoga/weights)

Thurs – had to swap schedules with David; At Home – Toned Arms + Booty & Abs workout, At Gym at lunch – 45 min treadmill run (wu + 4-5 x 3 mins strong, 1 min build, 2 min walk, cd)

Fri – (my day off) At local yoga studio before David left for work: AM yoga + later in the day at home: 2x Transformation Abs (Nathan was fussy and enjoyed me jumping around with these moves)


Scenes from my Friday off

Sat – At Home: 45min trainer ride (same intervals as Thurs run – getting on the trainer is the fastest way to bike) + 10min Hump Day Living Room HIIT


Post run pineapple-papaya-kale SIAB (Smoothie in a Bowl)

Sun – At the Park: 10k run (wu: 3x10min run, 1 min walk, then 3-4 x 3 min run endurance pace, 3 min run 10k pace, 1-1.5 min walk, cd) + transformation abs at home


Phew!  I’m feeling really great after all these workouts, and excited that they are doing the whole 8 week challenge over again starting in March!  Anyone want to join me?  It’s a nice compliment to tri training.  Not that I’m triathlon training right now – you might notice swimming has dropped off my schedule, because, well, I can’t do it halfway.  I feel that I need about 3 days per week in the pool to feel good in the water, and I’m not willing to sacrifice that much time to it right now.  I might jump in every once in awhile, but until then, I can enjoy biking & running for a bit.

And last thing – Tone It Up has a nutrition plan too but I can’t comment on it – I kind of do my own thing and we do a lot of familiy meal planning lately.  The main thing I’m watching now is not overeating at night. Once I stopped breastfeeding my metabolism really dropped and I have to watch my intake.  Since I’m not doing endurance sports anymore either I don’t need to eat so much. 

Hope y’all have a great week! 

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