Mom & Baby at 5 Months + Holiday Recap

Hey everyone – and now for a recap post, mainly so I don’t forget all that went on in the past month.  Nathan is now at 5 months and shows his curious little personality to us all the time.  He loves kicking his socks off, going to town in the jumperoo, being sang to (“the ants go marching one by one is a fave), family walks in the Bjorn, when mom and dad make beat box noises (boom-boom-chee!), and finding ways to get his feet out of his jammies.  His main dislikes are going to sleep (though he’s a lot better at soothing himself to sleep now), being strapped in the carseat (which he promptly falls asleep in once the car gets going), and of course being hungry.  Poor guy has been majorly sick the month of December though.  I mentioned last post he got his first virus – well he got another one soon after that was really bad.  While on vacation he had a fever, and we even took him to the pediatrician while in California.  They said to let it pass, and when it hadn’t after two weeks and we saw a little eye discharge we took him in again, to find he had a double ear infection and pink eye!  We felt terrible, really terrible.  David and I were also sick in the meantime, and we haven’t yet gotten over the sinus infection.  No fun.  This will go down as the worst winter cold season we’ve had yet.  On a good note, Nathan is finally feeling better today and it makes my heart happy to see him happy and playing again.

Nathan’s other big accomplishments are rolling (back to front) and he’s also gotten the hang of eating from a spoon, but bananas are the only real favorite.  Avocados and sweet potatoes were no good the first time around.  He talks a lot – his cooing sounds are changing since he’s learning some consonants, and I wish I could bottle them up since they make me smile.  David had a good laugh when he asked Nathan what he dreamed about one morning and he said “guuurls”.

Ok, onto the holidays.  To start off the festivities Nathan had his first Christmas party at his new daycare and they did a little book exchange – it was so adorable!  We also did a quick gift exchange at home the day before flying out to California to see my family.

IMG_3387 IMG_3363

Nathan was a champ on the plane flights and slept most of the way each time.  I guess that jet plane white noise is so relaxing.  We got to California and had a 1.5+ hr drive to our vacation house in Carpinteria, so we stopped by my absolute favorite chain restaurant, Veggie Grill, before continuing on.  It was delicious as usual!

 IMG_3403 IMG_3405

We stayed in an Air BnB house which ended up being outstanding for our whole family!  My parents got in first, and had lots of time to play with and take care of (thanks Mom!) Nathan.  We also had several taco & pizza nights.

IMG_3408  IMG_3459 IMG_3449

David and I got several short runs in (the house was on a hill which was great for hill repeats), and David surprised me with a Christmas gift of a bike ride to the Santa Barbara area and back.  My Dad’s high school friend who we call “Uncle Todd” joined us as well.  My legs were on FIRE by the end of the ride.  The hills there were no joke.  It was beautiful to ride out into the hills and back on the coast.


The rest of my family filtered in – my sisters and their husbands from Chicago and Lemoore, CA – and we enjoyed lots of time playing games, taking beach walks, and drinking beers. I also got to see my dear cousin Megan and my Aunt & Uncle while there.

IMG_3452IMG_348610608201_10107534163442944_9074208817812471960_o12402107_10107534165703414_6036895019150073442_o 12418782_10107534165638544_4257661247154140552_o 11063851_10107534164910004_3230667954309169881_o  1909467_10107534163577674_7178024325845130451_o IMG_348723960009342_fbc0bf59e8_o

The other highlight (and main reason for the trip) was introducing Nathan to his great-grandparents.  It was also my Grandma Susie’s 87th birthday on the 24th, so we celebrated with Mexican food and cake.


The trip was amazing, we only wish we all could have felt better during it.  It’s not often we get myself and all my sisters AND 4 generations together, so this will always be a special Christmas to remember!

5 thoughts on “Mom & Baby at 5 Months + Holiday Recap

  1. Yikes! I am sorry to hear that you and your family have been sick! Axel has yet to get sick, but I am just waiting for the day because I know it is inevitable. I know how hard that must have been.

    That is so exciting that you have started feeding him solids!! How did he do the first couple of times? Axel has his 4-month appointment tomorrow, so we are going to be talking to the pediatrician about starting solids. Do you ever give Nathan water?

    That’s great Nathan traveled well. I am so nervous about traveling with a baby, but I know I need to get over this. I love to travel and shouldn’t let a small fear hold me back. Any tips?

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. ☺

    1. Hey Kristen! Hope you are doing well. Solid foods have been fun, but the first few times he didn’t like them and it took some getting used to. Once he figured it out he has really liked a lot of foods! No, we haven’t given him just water yet.

      Traveling went surprisingly well! Maybe having low expectations is the way to go 🙂 Packing was the hardest part. We started a list and got as much packing done as possible the weekend before we left. My tips would be to bring extra items for the plane – esp if you get delays like we did! Having extra diapers, bottles, burp cloths was helpful. We also brought change of shirts for everyone, just in case there were accidents! We also brought some toys and things to entertain him.

  2. Way behind on blog posts 🙂 What a lovely (destination) Christmas! Love how active your family is! A bike ride is the best gift, right?! Hope the new year has been treating you well and that you’re all healthy!

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