Mom & Baby at 4 Months + Back to Work

Hey y’all!  It’s been awhile so I thought I’d do a quick catch up on where we are right now.  Nathan is getting to be so much fun!  Lots of smiles, giggles, and more playful.  He makes us laugh a lot and we just can’t believe how darn cute he is – we truly feel like we hit the jackpot.  Well, except for sleep, haha.  It’s a good thing he’s so cute because when he thinks it’s playtime at 3 AM it’s no fun for mom or dad.  Nathan still has at least one night waking, usually around midnight, and lately sometimes a 2 or 3 AM.  But he’s pretty inconsistent, so who knows.  Last night, for example, it was only a 3:30 AM wakeup – woo hoo! 


My boys are the cutest!

IMG_3058 IMG_0523

We started him in  daycare, and I’m  back working half-days which has been a lifesaver, since I’m very thankful to have had time to transition him in.  We are learning the routine of packing everything the night before, and I feel like a packhorse with his bottles/food, my pump, my lunch, my laptop, etc.  It’s a wonder I haven’t forgotten more things.  Likes: standing (assisted) and now kicking/stomping, his jumperoo, baby airplane, tummy time (finally!), being carried on the shoulder, looking and being outside, cloths in his face.  Dislikes: napping in the crib (some days are a fight), being left on his back too long, being rubbed (instead of patted).

Going back to work has been good for me; it’s difficult to tell him bye but I get to see him for half the day now and being at work around other people has been very energizing for me.  I’m not looking forward to working full days, but David and I will be switching drop off/pick up duties as well as our Fridays off (we work 9/80’s) so he would only be in daycare 4 days per week.  It’s still a long day though, and either not seeing him in the morning or evening before he wakes/goes to bed is difficult.  Oh, and Nathan got his first virus (which was promptly passed on to me), and it was the saddest ever to see him sick.  All I can say is lots of saline drops + Nose Frieda!

Over October/November Nathan had his first Halloween & Thanksgiving!  He tried some sweet potatoes but was not a fan, but just recently we tried banana and he finally got the hang of swallowing something from a spoon.


Nathan’s first Halloween – the real story

FVXL2999 IMG_3246 IMG_3286

We had a smaller family Thanksgiving (our tradition so far is to make a vegan meal + Cajun dirty rice and have a game night), then went to spend “real” Thanksgiving with my in-laws and played tons of Dominion and did a family Turkey Trot.

IMG_3133  IMG_3292

Taking walks + playtime with Dad

 IMG_3290 IMG_3258  

Went to work with mom and was exhausted from all the action + playing around on mom’s lap

As for me, November was a mixed bag on the fitness front.  I tried a longer ride but still felt a little weak, and tried running again (3 miles Turkey Trot) but my hip flexor is still tightening up and was very sore for the following two days, so I’m going to go to a sports PT soon.  I’m finishing up with a pelvic floor PT – which I think should be a standard practice for every woman post-pregnancy.   She’s helped me strengthen my pelvic floor muscles, which she thought were “average” but wanted them stronger since I’m an athlete.  She also thought that I had some minor separation in the front part of my pelvic floor from labor – nothing I could do but let time heal them and avoid certain exercises, but at least she helped me understand what was happening.  Sometimes I am astounded at all the changes & how much time it takes to heal!    Anyway, I did get in some great hard interval trainer rides and interval swims in November so I can’t complain too much.  (oh, and I talked about baby weight in my last post, but I’m excited to say by 4 months I feel like my post-baby pooch was finally gone!  It took a lot of work, but getting back to a happy place with my body).

IMG_3110 IMG_3122IMG_3158 IMG_3229

Betty Designs gear, oh yeah!

Unfortunately I have to take two weeks off now because I had a worrisome mole that had to be removed and required stitches.  I was very bummed about it at first – after taking so much time off already – but I’m being patient and if there is any time to have some down time, this is about the best time it could be with off-season, holidays, back to work, etc.  Plus, better to get this taken care of now than have a problem later.   Thank goodness it was nothing worse.  Starting January, I hope to reset with more strength training and some PT to get back to running.  Then I might finally be able to think about a race…

I want to wish everyone happy holidays!  Hope you are enjoying them as much as we are. 

6 thoughts on “Mom & Baby at 4 Months + Back to Work

  1. It sounds like you are enjoying being back at work and the time around adults. You guys really have a great system in place. Isn’t it amazing how much time and effort it takes to pack everything up to go anywhere? I always forget something – there is so much to remember!

    Nathan is such a cutie. It’s too bad we don’t live closer. Axel and him would be bffs! Haha. At what age did you start using the jumparoo? I really need to look into one of these. Axel loves being upright.

    How has sports PT been working for you? You look great and it’s nice to see you outside (jealous) on the bike and back in the pool. I have yet to get back into the pool.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

  2. Hey Lady! Yes, I am enjoying work again; I guess my brain needed exercise just like my body did, haha. I know what you mean about packing and going places… we just got back from our first “big” trip to California, and boy, was it a packing effort! Yes, It is too bad we don’t live closer – I bet Nathan and Axel would be outdoors-y little buddies 🙂 We set up the jumparoo when he was around 4 months. The first couple of tries he didn’t like it, but now he really goes to town with his jumping; it’s too cute, and a lifesaver for some free hands sometimes.

    I’m pretty much done with my pelvic floor PT, and I went to a sports PT today but I wasn’t that impressed unfortunately. I’m hoping to talk to some friends to get some recommendations of who to go to for running specifically. Anyway, I’m learning patience with all this! Hope your holidays were wonderful and happy new year!

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