Mom & Baby at 3 Months

Nathan is 3 months old and while I don’t want to make this blog too baby-focused, I do want to jot down a few memories.  He is starting to show more personality each day and watching him learn is a joy.  We still aren’t sleeping through the night (since that’s the first thing everyone asks), but his schedule is getting more predictable.  He sleeps from ~6 PM to 6 AM with two feedings; one around 10-12 PM and one around 2:30-4 AM.  My longest sleep yet has been a 6 hour stretch (with David’s help) and it was glorious!  Nathan is getting very vocal, grabbing things, playing little games with us, and smiling lots.  He still has his fussy periods (we think gas is usually the culprit), but overall he is a good and curious baby.  His favorite toy is this starfish that lights up, and we’re pretty sure he loves it more than he loves us.  He likes his activity gym, getting his diaper changed, being held, and milk, of course.  He still really dislikes tummy time, but is getting better at it.  He also dislikes sleeping in his crib and still likes sleeping at an angle in the Rock and Play.  I love when his face lights up when he recognizes me and that he watches me when I’m in the room now.  And it’s the sweetest when he almost giggles when we play little games.

IMG_2907 Capture1 Capture2

Out-takes from our Betty Designs kit “photo shoot”


Loving bundling up in new clothes for winter (aka <60deg) weather!

I’m definitely feeling better than I was at 2-3 months; I won’t lie that I was a bit of a wreck emotionally some days.  Postpartum has not been the easiest for me and some days can be dark and sad.  When you’re really tired, at home with a baby all day (and don’t understand what he wants), and you don’t get out it is hard on you.  I found that I am functioning much better with a social activity planned as well as a workout planned most days – and if nothing else having a good to do list with places to go.  It’s too easy to stay inside while the baby naps, but then you feel kind of stir crazy and upset at the end of the day.  It’s all still a work in progress, but there’s improvement.

IMG_3025 IMG_3028

I love baby  yoga!

I also mentioned the breastfeeding challenges earlier – we are doing a combo of nursing (usually just once per day and once at night), pumping and formula, so I’m still tied to the pump but slowly dropping sessions to wean off over time.  I won’t be sad not to be tied to the machine every two to three hours!  It certainly makes planning events interesting.  Trying to discretely pump in the car after a bike ride is a new experience!  Body image is still a little challenging; I expected to drop weight more quickly.  Not that I’m in a bad spot, just not at the end point where I want to be.   I’m almost in my pre-pregnancy clothes but they still don’t fit that well, but I have certainly packed up all my maternity clothes which I do NOT want to see anymore.

IMG_2892 Full disclosure (no sucking in) at 3 months postpartum

My workouts are going well and I am very grateful to have help from my mother-in-law a couple times during the week as well as trading off with David on the weekends to do our activities.    I still am not running but might try again during this next week.  I have one ankle that has a “niggle” after too many burpees maybe, so I’m watching it.  I’m pretty sure I will not be running the Houston half in January – I thought it would be so easy to run a half 6 months after birth but now going through it I know differently – silly me!  This makes me very happy for having triathlon as my passion.  At least I’m able to do 2 of 3 sports.  I’m also trying to keep up with stroller walks but Nathan often cries and doesn’t nap in the stroller as much anymore and wants to be held.  Some days yes, other days we need to turn around and go home.

IMG_2899 Capture4

Chasing the sunrise on my bike & having a strong 3000yd swim


Someone is interrupting mom’s TR-X workout!

We had some friends over recently for our annual pumpkin carving contest.  It was fun – lots of talent!  Arnie won this year.

IMG_2959 IMG_2982

I haven’t posted about food much lately, but below I took some photos of an OhSheGlows red lentil curry which was a huge hit with David, and some granola bars while Nathan napped.  We’ve actually been cooking at home a ton as well as meal planning, to try and save on eating out expenses, plus I try to just go to the grocery store only once a week now if possible since it’s a bigger ordeal.  We have a general guideline – Monday is fish night, Tuesday is tacos, Wed is veggie night, Thurs is free (new recipe/ideas), and Fri/Sat/Sun we might go out to eat once, and usually have some form of pasta or pizza one night.  It’s working pretty well but requiring more planning.

IMG_3035 IMG_2972
















Hope all is well with everyone!  I’d love to hear how your October is going too!

6 thoughts on “Mom & Baby at 3 Months

    1. Thanks Leslie – things are going well and we are slowly getting into a routine. No schedule yet, but at least things are a bit more predictable. I absolutely loved your Vancouver race post recently; looked like so much fun!!

  1. Nathan’s sleep schedule sounds exactly like Axel’s sleep schedule, although now he is waking up a little earlier because of the time change. This does nothing good for parents!

    You seriously look great and I’m happy to hear you are getting back out there and continuing to feel better. I think I am right there with you when it comes to the weight. It’s not a horrible thing, and I’m trying to be patient, but I sure do have a lot of clothing just waiting to be worn. Plus, all of my cycling gear is fitting a little snug, which isn’t that fun. I really need to get back into the pool – maybe you will be my motivation. ☺ I think it’s just a time thing…swimming seriously is time consuming!

    Love all of your pumpkins…looks like things are going really well in your world.

    1. The time change has not benefitted is either! And yes, my cycling clothes (and swimsuits) are a bit snug too- yours don’t look like it though, you are looking great in your pics! Swimming is very time consuming- I’ve been lucky to go since I’ve had some babysitting help- but it’s definitely felt best on my body. Especially after all the time spent feeding, sitting, lifting baby etc feels nice to just stretch the body!

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