Favorite Postpartum Workouts & Random Bucket List

Hello again!  I’m so excited I have time to write this post; I’m starting to better understand Nathan’s daytime sleep queues and getting him to nap more regularly.  We’ve been reading excerpts from Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child and found it very helpful to make sure we sooth him when we see he is getting tired, so he naps more during the day and doesn’t get overtired, which actually helps him sleep more at night (counter-intuitive).  So this means more time for mom to workout, nap, write blog posts… the list goes on!  Anyway, I thought I’d add some more info on some of my favorite workouts postpartum.  Keep in mind, these are workouts I’ve built up to from 6-12 weeks postpartum.  The first 6 weeks I did a lot of walking, a little strength here and there, but not much intense working out, which I think turned out for the best and gave me enough time to recover from giving birth.  Now I’ve been really focused on form and functional strength more than ever.  I hope to eventually come back even stronger next year.  So far I’ve been pretty gadget-less for all the below workouts, but I’m going to start tracking now that I’m at 3 months postpartum.

Core/pelvic floor: this is/was the most important area for me to rebuild strength in after birth.  To start, I did this Lindsay Brin youtube one first, just moving extremely slowly and concentrating on my pelvic muscles and lower abs.  I still do the moves most mornings.  I then introduced this yogadownload core yoga routine, which I enjoy doing in the mornings before Nathan wakes up since it only takes 20-30 minutes.  It gets my body ready for a day of lifting baby all over the place!  I also have a variety of pinterest core/plank workouts.  I’m still working on conquering this plank routine (shown below) and hope to be able to do the full routine by end of October, but maybe more like November (the military planks kill me!):

Plank Workout

Strength: A mild strength routine I started around weeks 4-6 was this Lindsay Brin one.  Now I also do lots of Trimarni hip and back exercises throughout the day (bridges, supermans, hip raises, etc.) and squats (sometimes with baby) when I can.   Lately my favorite strength/cardio workout is this Fitnessista tabata one (shown below); it is perfect for getting your heart rate up and sweating in a short amount of time! (i.e. baby nap time).  I just used a set of 10 lb weights, but you could even do most of these exercises using body weight.  Burpees, mountain climbers and jump squats are so hard, but I love this workout!  I did it during Nathan’s morning nap on Monday and was red-faced and dripping sweat.  Luckily he woke up right after I had time for a short shower.

Triple threat tabata workout

Swimming: Since I feel that I have a lot of strength to rebuild I’ve been focusing on interval workouts when I get to the pool.  Plus, I feel that with swimming I can push fairly hard and have a lower risk of injury, and keep my cardio up while I’m not running.  I am just loving getting to the wall and being completely out of breath once again.  My fave workout so far has been a main set of 12×100’s on 1:50, with every fourth one being easy with 2 mins rest.  I’ve also done a number of workouts with strong 200yds incorporated.  I hope to improve my times soon enough, but in general swimming has been, a good mentally and physically challenging workout for me know.  It’s nice to practice mind tricks once again, and having a little alone time in the water is also a treat.

Cycling: Most of my rides at first had been to get out there and “just ride” to enjoy it.  I needed to get comfy on the bike and let my legs get used to the motion once again.  Now I’ve gotten back to doing a little warm up (usually 5×30 sec fast spin 100+ RPM, 45-60 sec off), then a main set of 5 mins strong / 3 mins EZ a few times, or something of that nature.  To make the most of my time I just ride out the door to a bayou hike & bike trail near my house.  My trainer is also set up for the occasional 45-60 min ride when I need.

Running: Non-existent!  I hope to start getting back to it this week.

That’s about it, other than lots of stretching when I can.  Everyone said you get more flexible with pregnancy, but I felt that was not the case.  Coming back I’ve felt stiff and tight, so doing my best to keep my yoga mat out by Nathan’s play gym and stretching on the floor with him often.  (I think with all the sitting involved in pregnancy and breastfeeding despite best efforts, you naturally get more tight)

The road back to fitness has taken me a bit longer than I had expected, and has had its ups and downs.  It can be emotionally tough for your body to be in a state that you know is so poor compared to where you were just a little over year ago, BUT I have been reminding myself how grateful I am for everything I can do and the support I have to do it.  I have a very healthy baby and very gracious family members that allow me to get in workouts since they know I need them for my sanity.  And now a baby that [for the most part] is taking long enough day time naps to allow me to get quick at-home workouts in.

Random Bucket List

Part two of my post: I don’t know why I’ve been thinking about this lately, but I have lots of bucket list things going through my mind.  Maybe since I don’t have a particular big goal right now (apart from being a good mom of course!).   Here are just a few; I’ll have to add to this later:

Bike ride the Queen K Kona course (not expecting to do Kona, just some other time)

Visit Yosemite

Take my kid(s?) to Moab to go camping and hiking

Start family holiday traditions

Do an aquabike event (full ironman distance??)

Bike ride a climb on the Tour de France

Become a supervisor at work

St. George 70.3

Live somewhere where I can open the windows at night, and maybe have a cruiser bike to get around

Live in another country again

Do another hut to hut or distance hike with my family (Iceland? Peru?)

Do a time trial on my bike again

Hug & kiss baby Nathan at the end of a triathlon race.  Race, bike, or surf with him if he wants to when he’s older.

Be confident and happy in my skin (always a work in progress)


That’s all for now.  What are your favorite workouts lately?  Any random bucket list thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Favorite Postpartum Workouts & Random Bucket List

  1. That’s really interesting about the sleep patterns in newborns. Axel sleeps a lot during the days and I always thought it would keep him up more at night… but I have noticed that he sleeps better on nights when he has had more rest during the day. I wonder why that is… any ideas?

    Thank you so much for all of these strength/core tips and ideas. I am going to start working on my core this week – it needs a lot of work.

    Did I see “kid(s?)” in that bucket list??? Are you trying to have another???

    I want to do St. George 70.3 as well. Maybe we’ll make it there the same year. ☺

    1. The book said if they get overtired they sleep worse- but no idea on the science behind it! I hope the core stuff helps. I’m finding I really need to work my transverse abdominus and glutes – both so weak from pregnancy. Anyway- ha, not trying for baby #2 until at least 2017!! But we would like nathan to have a little brother or sister eventually… But not this soon! That would be so awesome to do St George the same year 🙂 you are doing an IM in 2016 right? I thought I’d do a half IM in 2016 but I keep going back and forth. My running does not seem to be there yet.

  2. Love your bucket list! I have quite a few of the same on mine, too 🙂 I can’t remember if I told you… the site redesign looks great!

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