Baby Nathan: 1 Month

Hello all!  This post took a lot longer to sit down and write than I expected.  There are fewer and fewer hands free moments around here, so I better get it all down while I can.

First, Nathan is already one month old and I just want time to stand still – I already miss his hospital newborn phase.  What a sweetie!  This experience is really teaching me to enjoy each moment and slow down.


We were fortunate enough to have David’s mom stay with us for three days during his first week home, and was such a help with cleaning, grocery shopping and holding the baby.  It was a lifesaver to have the extra help!  Then my mom flew in for a week and was also amazing to have around as well.  During the first two weeks Nathan was extremely quiet and slept a lot – hardly any crying or fussiness.  I’ve heard they call this the “honeymoon phase”.  I also think we were on a bit of an endorphin high and just overwhelmed by love, so we didn’t notice the sleep deprivation just yet.

IMG_0078 IMG_0014  IMG_0059

By the third week we got pretty tired , Nathan had more fussy moments and I had some real challenges with breastfeeding.  It’s been one of the more trying things I’ve ever done.  I eventually hired a lactation consultant and things have been improving since then.  We’re not 100% established, but having more good feedings than bad now.  The biggest hurdle is the length and frequency of feedings.  Little one feeds a LOT lately so I I’m feeling a bit of a slave to it.  But I’m working very hard to be patient and stick with it, as many times as I have wanted to give up at 3 AM.  I keep reminding myself that things will continue to change and this may just be a phase.  And his fussiness is pretty regular like any baby, but we’ve found he really likes warmth and noise – if we take him outside by the AC units or run the vacuum he’s subdued right away!

  20018857703_8bdf646337_o (1)  

On the good side, we are getting in more of a daily routine.  Each morning after feeding I take him on a walk then quickly shower and get ready before his next feeding (on the weekends David joins and often runs first then circles back).  We’re up to ~40 minute walks now.  I was able to go on short walks during the second week, but now at week 4 I can walk pretty fast, and sometimes I even run every other block.  I am working on my pelvic floor strength still though, so nothing too crazy.  I’m looking forward to swimming and biking soon, but want to give everything down there enough time to heal first.  I’ll admit it’s taken longer to recover from delivery than I expected, but again, this is just a short time to be out in the grand scheme of things.  The rest of the day is a mix of feedings, naps, and play time.  He is more alert lately and I’m still figuring out what to do with him during those times.  He seems to like to be held outward and see things as we walk around the house.


People ask if he’s sleeping through the night – ha!  It will be a long time until that happens unless we are somehow pretty lucky.  He usually needs 2-3 night feedings.  I’m very lucky that David helps out a lot at night still, either with diaper changes or soothing if needed.  He is really good with Nathan.  I’m also so grateful that my mother-in-law joins us for 4 hours twice per week which gives me an extra hand around the house, or just someone else to rock baby.


1 month:

Likes: being held while walking around, falling asleep on someone’s chest, boobs, red objects, warm baths, peeing on everything and everyone

Dislikes: the cold diaper changing station, being held stationary, going to sleep (he will fight it and try not to close his eyes for as long as possible sometimes!)


Alright, Nathan is getting restless, better get back to it.  Hope everyone is doing great!

3 thoughts on “Baby Nathan: 1 Month

  1. Aww, I loved reading about Nathan’s first month in the world. I can’t imagine what life must be like now with a little one. I am in constant anticipation mode – it’s crazy!

    That’s great that you have both been able to adjust to life with Nathan together and spend those first weeks as a family. I bet you really appreciate the help from the grandmas too. I am so glad that my mom and Justin’s mom will be around to help. It seems to make all the difference.

    I’m sorry to hear you had challenges with breastfeeding. I hear it is very common and to take advantage of the lactation consultants. That’s great that it seems to be going better now. Worth the investment for sure.

    Hearing about your walking and fitness makes me incredibly optimistic. I always wonder what it will feel like down “there”, how long it will take to recover, and whether there will be a lot of pain… it sounds like you were slowly able to get back into a routine within a few weeks. Awesome!

    I can’t wait to hear more updates!

    1. Thanks Kristen! Yes – having help is really great! I’m taking all I can get. Yeah, it took a little while longer than I expected to recover down there – though I had “average” tearing according to my doc. The first few days were bad and difficult to sit anywhere but the couch. I was walking short distances by the end of the first week. If I were to do it again, I would not even worry the first week and take it completely off and also take more epsom salt baths (just shallow ones to sit in, it promotes healing – I was so busy I neglected to do this the first week). I’m finally running very short distances but definitely have some pelvic floor/groin soreness so trying to do a lot of postnatal pelvic floor tilts, etc. now. You will do great and bounce back very quickly I’m sure. Keep us posted!

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