Pregnancy Week 38: Hurry Up & Wait

Hey Everyone!  This week was a rough one; I was home most of the week with a pretty bad cold virus.  My throat was so sore I could barely talk – thank goodness I didn’t go into labor this week, I need my vocals for that!   Being sick is no fun, but it’s especially no fun at 9+ months pregnant.  Luckily my boss was extremely understanding and a couple of days on the couch with lots of chicken broth and tissues did the trick.  I’m better now though!

In general these last few weeks feel pretty odd.  It’s very “hurry up and wait” and completely out of our control.  I’ve been split on what I should or shouldn’t start doing projects, hobbies, etc. – and I also feel the need to be very prepared have the house clean all the time since this could happen any day now.


Meditation with my bump during the downtime

Here are some updates from this week:

Sleep: pretty horrible – like waking every hour, but that was mainly due to my cold.  Plus I’m so hot ALL THE TIME.  I swear there is a little fireball inside me.  Everyone loves to tell me the third trimester insomnia is just preparing me for what’s to come; thanks guys.

Weight Gained: 25lbs and the nurse doubts I’ll get much bigger (it usually tapers off the last couple of weeks).


Britt at her biggest?

Symptoms: no major differences from last week; doc says I’m still 50-70% effaced and not dilated.  Continuing to feel mild cramping some nights and getting some Braxton-Hicks contractions around 3 AM the last couple of nights.

Cravings/Aversions: Not liking meat as much lately.  I’ve been really big lately on healthy green salads and anything with nutritional yeast, and not that into sweets.  Geez, why can’t I just enjoy being pregnant?!

Exercise:  I took a couple days off while being sick this week, but in general my exercise levels have slightly decreased anyway.  David and I still do 45 min walks some mornings (we have to do this before 7 AM otherwise it’s too hot out for me), I’ve been swimming a couple times a week (1500-1700m), and I’m doing light strength training and prenatal yoga.  My nickname from my dad early in pregnancy is “the Vessel” and I surely feel like a huge vessel in the water now, just chugging along – toot, toot!  I can’t say I’m as active as I envisioned being, but I’m still very proud of myself for keeping it up.  My body just started to get increasingly tired this month, so I’m doing my best to listen to it.


Getting ready for my post-baby debut!

Baby Prep: With the exception of a car seat inspection and receiving a few last orders (rug & side table), baby prep is done!  Guess what that means?  On to mommy prep.  With help from David, we thoroughly cleaned my bike (and ordered a new chain), I put in a Betty order for a few fun post-partum accessories, and I just ordered some new Roka goggles.   I’ve been gadget-less for quite some time so we also got my Garmin devices all set up and ready to go.  I wanted to set up a home gym in the garage but it is SO darn hot I don’t think that’ll be a possibility for a few months.  My bike trainer might just be in the guest room for a bit.  And if any of you are wondering if I will race post baby, it’s a big fat YES!  I think I need some goals and activities for my own sanity.  I really would love to do a spring or summer 2016 half IM.  David said he’d even consider doing it also and there are quite a few options in driving distance around Texas.  I’d also love to try different races – long swims, different distances, aquabike events – in the future too.  Some half IMs on my bucket list are Vineman and St. George.  The only thing I’m signed up for so far is the Houston Half in January 2016, after some encouragement from my girlfriends that are doing it.


Most of our gear is ready… but we still have a lot of figuring out to do.

Work: I’m very fortunate that both my supervisor and manager are not making me set a date or length of time off just yet.  That being said, after reading the developmental section of Baby 411, I decided I really want our little guy to stay home for at least 4 months.  After that it will be close to the end of the year, so it will be a matter of when is best to come back and if I work part time or flex hours at all.  So 4-6 months is my guess for now.  And quick rant: David is taking two weeks of unpaid leave which is unusual in our company, but he only gets ONE day of paid paternity leave.  I am so disappointed in this.  It only perpetuates the female being the primary care giver, even when the male might want to be more involved.  And it puts the female’s career at more of a disadvantage.  I’ve heard in Canada it is 12 months shared between the mom and dad which sounds AMAZING.  I really think paternity leave ought to be one of the next equality issues we tackle.

Missing: sweaty runs, bike riding, solid sleeps, and bending over without doing the wide-legged pregnancy squat.  My need for wine and sushi has waned though.

That’s all for the week – I’m off to the pool today to cool off from this super hot weather!

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week 38: Hurry Up & Wait

  1. Any day! So excited for you! Totally agree on paternity leave… the U.S. needs an equal system. It’s awesome that David is taking time to stay home those first couple weeks, but so ridiculous it has to be unpaid. Anyway, love the blog redesign! Thinking about you, lady!

    1. Yeah – I think it would be better if guys got at least a little (1-2 weeks) paid vacation. Otherwise it’s unprecedented for many of them and most just go back to work. Glad you like the design 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you were sick. Glad you’re feeling better now! I can only imagine how hot it is for you in southern summer heat! I hate to say it- Jasper’s almost five months old and my hormones are still making me a sweaty mess! (But it has been a really hot summer here to add to it.)
    I’m happy to hear you plan to take 4-6 months off!
    I live in Canada and get a whole year. I always lament to Kelly (husband) how crazy it would be to work in the States and have to go back so quickly (for those that don’t take more time). Kelly technically didn’t get any paid time away and used vacation, but we could share the 12 months between us. We are SO darn lucky!

    1. Canada really knows where it’s at – I would love to live there for a bit someday – so outdoorsy and the people seem so nice! Anyways, yes, the heat here is horrible, but I’m consoling myself that I will be back to running/biking by the time it starts to cool off 🙂

  3. I can’t believe how close you are to meeting your little boy!!! Beyond excited for you both. I can imagine that it is now just a big waiting game. Maternity/paternity leave isn’t something that my husband and I have to worry about because of our flexible schedules (he owns his business and I work from home), but I completely agree that women and men should be treated with equality when it comes to pay and taking leave. I understand that moms do the breastfeeding, but that doesn’t lessen the role the father plays if he wants to be an active part of those early weeks/months. Hopefully this issue gains more awareness… I had not idea that you get a YEAR in Canada. Wow!!!

    Good luck these next several days. Will be thinking about you.

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