Pregnancy Week 36 & 37: Locked & Loaded

Hello hello!  We had an exciting 36th week since we had an important doc appointment and it was 4th of July.  We spent some time with my in-laws in The Woodlands and have been trying to relax as much as possible.  


From week 34 headed to my “work” baby shower


And a quick pic from today at 37 weeks

We made sure to schedule our 36 week appointment so both David and I could go since we’d be getting our last ultrasound; our previous one had been at week 20 so it had been 4 months and we were really curious to see how Baby Breaux was doing!  The doctor also gave me a pelvic exam in which she said “yep, definitely a head in there!” and confirmed that I was “closed” (not dilated) so things were going well. 

When we got to the ultrasound the lady warned us we wouldn’t see much since baby was so big and she was right; we saw only one body part at a time.  We found out he is head-down (as I expected from the hiccups and leg movements) and facing toward my back which is good.  However, we didn’t know his head was WAY down.  The tech doing the ultrasound laughed and asked how I was still walking with all the pressure?!  I had definitely felt some pressure down there but how am I to know what’s normal?  It was fine, we just thought it was funny.  He is officially locked & loaded.  We also got to see his little spine (amazing how curved it is in fetal position!) and his lungs; we even caught him practice breathing.  Everything looked very healthy and he was measuring 30th percentile in weight now, so he might be around 6-7lbs at birth.  My doctor reassured me this is great for delivery and that birth weight is not an indicator of future height/weight, and said she expected this since I was staying active during pregnancy.  Plus, David and I are fairly slim people, so it’s not that surprising.  She told me I’m fine to indulge and eat some ice cream and not worry about the diabetic diet so much anymore.  I stopped by Whole Foods immediately and ate my favorite “everything” choc-oatmeal-raisin cookie. 


We only got a picture of his foot and his balls.  That is all he feels like showing us, ever…

During our 37 week appointment she checked me again, confirmed the head was still there, and said I was 70% effaced, but that this didn’t indicate much other than my body was preparing.  She seemed happy about it, but for me it made things feel very real hearing that my body is getting ready for delivery.  Lots of last minute errands (hair cut, more diapers, stocking the pantry) are ensuing!  I’m treasuring every last trip to various stores since I know I won’t have that leisure soon enough.


The nursery – still working on getting a rug, side table & ottoman

So all seems to be good on the baby front, now we are just getting the finishing touches done in the nursery, prepping food, and waiting!  I’m not sure why, but even strangers are telling me that I won’t last much longer (until my July 31 due date), but I hope they’re wrong.  I want little one to stay in the womb as much as he can.

Some other random preggo symptoms: a little more mid and lower back pain, my left wrist has been tingling a bit more strongly lately (mild carpal tunnel often occurs in pregnancy), and I had a little heart burn the past two nights.  I’ve never experienced this before, but after going to bed I woke up coughing with a yucky feeling in my throat.  Doc said I could prop up on pillows if I need, but I think I ought to just eat earlier.  I’m also getting more tired than usual these days and workout durations are decreasing a bit.  But in general I’m still feeling best if I stay moving and eating healthfully.

That’s all for now – hope to have at least one more update in the next two weeks, but we’ll have to see!

7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week 36 & 37: Locked & Loaded

  1. Yay!!! You are getting there!!! I bet he stays in for a while longer!! I have a friend that had her baby today. Her exact due date! (it was her first as well) I totally thought she was going to go early….she has been walking a ton and having lots of sex the last 2 weeks so I thought he would be out sooner!! 🙂 Good luck!!!!!

  2. You’re so close! I hope he stays in for a while longer! (Jasper was born at exactly 38 weeks, but I was more than ready for him to come out 🙂 )
    Hope you’re still feeling great! And good luck with everything if we don’t hear from you before the arrival of baby b!

    1. Thanks – yes, I’m ready but also not ready, ya know?! Getting anxious nonetheless! I’m pretty good but feeling very exhausted this week. Maybe a sign…

  3. I can’t believe you are almost there. It must be such a good feeling. I can’t wait to be where you are, knowing that at any day the baby could come. You look amazing – definitely ALL bump!

    I can tell that my baby’s head is down due to the hiccups and legs kicks too. He is obsessed with kicking my right side ribs. The hiccups always feel so weird to me. I am looking forward to our next ultrasound, which won’t be for a couple of weeks. I bet it was so fun seeing what you could.

    Your nursery looks so cute. We have a chair without an ottoman too and I am trying to figure out how I am going to find a piece that fits color/size wise.

    I‘ll be thinking about you these next couple of weeks!!!

  4. You are also looking amazing! Yay for athletic pregnancies 🙂 Yes, so close! But so weird not knowing when it will happen. It’s been so long, you kind of wonder if you will just be pregnant forever at some point…

    We ended up getting a cheaper ottoman with storage from Target (there are also options on Wayfair, etc.). It wasn’t as heavy so we can move it out of the way when not in use.

    I bet the rest of your third trimester will go quickly with all the baby prep now that you’ve had showers and have stuff to organize. I felt like weeks 32-36 went by SO quickly!

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