Pregnancy Weeks 25-26: Hiking Momma

Hello!  We had a great little babymoon in Sedona last weekend, which I’ll recap shortly – but first some updates.  (I fully realize many people don’t care for pregnancy blogs, but hey, this is my life right now, so I’m going to keep recording it.  Plus, only a few more months to go).

Symptoms: I had my first pregnancy “discomfort” this last week, which was some tingling/nerve compression in my left rib area.  I asked my doc about it and she says it’s very common, unfortunately.  With everything moving around, compressing, stretching, etc. I’m not too surprised.  But it only happens when I slouch or sleep on my left side right now, so trying my best to be better about my posture and sit up straight!  No stretch marks yet, knock on wood, but I started to apply Mambino belly butter about a month ago just in case.  I’ve had some chin/shoulder acne throughout pregnancy and it’s finally subsided in the past week or so; I don’t know if this is a sign of changing hormones, but I’ll take it! 

Latest Doc Appt: I had to take my gestational diabetes screening and drink the infamous sugary orange drink.  I was quite hungry by the time I took it, so it wasn’t all that bad (some ladies feel nauseated by it, but it just seemed like a very sugary sports drink to me).  Fingers crossed I pass.  I’m showing around 17 lbs of weight gain, which puts me right on track, maybe around 30 lbs or so total.  It’s hard to say since I’m not exactly sure where I started, but for my height 30ish lbs should be about right.  I’ve decided not to weigh myself at home anymore, because my scale fluctuates waaay too much and I get freaked out I’m gaining too little or too much.  But you can see my belly is definitely coming along!  But I don’t feel all too different except when it gets in the way 🙂


Purchases: I got an Athleta rouched tech tee (not specifically maternity but worked really well!) for hiking and a Target maternity tee to wear around.  I also had to bite the bullet and get a larger 2-piece swim suit for lap swimming; since I only have a few more months I went with a Dolfin Uglies grab bag for cheap and it’s great so far.  My old stretched swim suits worked really well but are even now starting to feel tight.  I’m still wearing what I can from my old clothes, but a lot of my clothes are getting past the point of fitting now.  My work is not that formal, but I do need to go buy a few more maternity dresses since they’re by far the most comfortable thing for the office.  I think I’ll also be shopping for a few more bras and some maternity shorts since it’s getting warm around here.


Exercise: LOTS of hiking last weekend!  We hiked probably 15 miles over the weekend; I was pretty worn out by the third day of hiking, so we did take a tourist day.  I tried my best to listen to my body and take lots of breaks.  I was noticing my lower back was feeling tired/achy after a couple hours, so we kept our “long” hikes at 2-3 hours.  I had a small pack, but it was only for my own water so that I stayed hydrated.  David carried the rest, which I found perfectly acceptable since I’m carrying around extra weight naturally.  Looking ahead, I’m guessing that for the third trimester I’m going to want to increase strength training, swimming and prenatal yoga if anything; it just seems like that’s what my body is going to need most.  I still swam 2200m the other day and felt great, hooray!   I might have one last road ride in me, but it will just depend on the weather in the next couple of weeks.  By third trimester I’ll be retiring my outdoor bike.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really!  I still don’t want sweets that much.  I did share a carrot cake cupcake with David for my birthday, but just 1/2 was enough.  I have no problem with my regular healthy eats – loving lots of kale, broccoli, quinoa, salmon, nut butter, oatmeal, eggs, etc.  We absolutely loved having a small kitchenette in our hotel and made healthy, hearty breakfasts each morning (and grilled some yummy dinners too). 


Missing: Oh, what most pregnant ladies miss – wine or beer!   And generally anything I can’t have such as sushi, runny eggs, brie or goat cheese and a cold turkey sandwich.  Also sweating.  It might sound weird, but as a triathlete I miss the feeling of salt and sweat on my skin!  And bending over easily, haha.

Looking forward to: Moving into our new [rental] house in two weeks.  Finally we can start looking at nursery purchases and settling into a home.  Also my baby shower in June – I’m so grateful that I have some special family members flying in for it! 

Planning: David and I are signed up for FIVE baby classes in May/June – breastfeeding basics, infant care, infant CPR, birthing, and some intro to parenting thing.  A couple of them are two-day courses.  I’d heard from other first-time parents that it helped them feel very prepared, and we decided every little bit will help.  I also want to read a couple of newborn/parenting books in the third trimester.

And on a final note, I’ve been pretty proud of myself for not being too forgetful (though I have made a big effort to write everything down at work!), but I have noticed that placing peoples names seemed harder at times.  I thought I was doing great, until yesterday when I called David frantically telling him our car was stolen or towed from the parking garage at work.  I was a mess until David’s shrewd deductive reasoning helped me find out I was just on the wrong floor of the garage.  I hope I can blame that on pregnancy brain!

Ok – off to start dinner and get ready to catch up on GoT! Woohoo!

8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Weeks 25-26: Hiking Momma

  1. Personally, I just love your preggo posts! ☺ You are looking great. I shared your picture with my husband and told him that my hope is to look like you when I get to that point!

    I’m hoping to avoid stretch marks too and have been using the Mambino oil daily. So far it is working, but I have a long way to grow. Like you, I officially retired the bathroom scale for now and will just use my doctor appointments for weight progress/gain.

    At what point do we hit the third trimester? You must be getting close… It sounds like you are being proactive about taking classes and preparing for when the baby is here. I definitely need to take some classes and will likely do so when we are further along. It’s good to know there are classes on breastfeeding, infant care, and birthing, as I am beyond clueless.

    I’ve had so many instances with pregnancy brain it’s ridiculous. That is hilarious that you thought your car was stolen. I’m sure David got a good laugh. Haha. So glad to hear that everything is going well!!

    1. Thanks Kristen – you’re looking fabulous too! You’re too kind – I’m sure you will look better than me once you get to this point. You’re doing so well with all your workouts!

      I think third trimester is around week 28? So for me it starts in May. Everyone says “it’s flying by!” but I feel like I’ve been pregnant for two years, so I am ready to get this show on the road 🙂 We probably went overboard on the classes, but our philosophy is that if it saves us some sleep or anxiety in the next year then it will be worth it, haha.

      Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much Leslie and CONGRATULATIONS on your special day on April 18th! That is so exciting and I love that you did a small event. You looked great and so happy!

  2. You are looking great! A fun vacation with lots of hiking would be wonderful. I have been trying to be active through my pregnancy so far, and hope I can continue as long as possible! Swimming, strength training and yoga seem like good things to focus on as you enter the 3rd trimester.

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