Pregnancy Week 24: Happenings

Changing it up a bit and writing some current happenings or vignettes as some of the blogs I enjoy like to do (Erin and Hippie Triathlete).   Apologies for the many selfies – David was gone for work this week, so it was just me + baby.  He got to be man of the house for the first time.


Celebrating // that we have a rental house to move to in May!  After a week of negotiations with two different landowners (we learned a lot in the first one and in the end did not agree with the contract terms), we settled on a cute, two-story home in our same neighborhood, just a few blocks off of a nice running trail.  This was high on our priority list since we don’t want a long commute, and we want easy access to somewhere we can take the stroller often.  Do we want to buy?  Yes, someday, but our gut tells us now is not the right time with the price of oil and more layoffs likely in the Houston area.

Stressing // over so many listeria recalls lately!  Two products I eat often and that have been in my fridge, Amy’s frozen meals and Sabra hummus, had major recalls over the past two months.  And also Bluebell ice cream, which I don’t eat.  But wow, frozen pizza, ice cream and hummus are all at risk?!  I asked my doc and she said if I haven’t had any GI issues I’m probably fine.  But still, it just seems like so many products could be potential poisons!  For someone who’s already a worry-wart, I’m looking forward to eating without anxiety post-baby.

Feeling // a little more “pregnant” lately.  David loves to comment on the bump (which is fairly straight out) by singing Black Eyed Peas “my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely lady lumps”. My bump/uterus is getting bigger to the point where I feel it more when I bend over.  And also sometimes feel like my intestines are pretty far up near my ribs.  Thank GOODness for being long-waisted.  My poor mom is terribly short-waisted and said my head was in her ribs when she had me.  It must have been really uncomfortable.  Otherwise, my energy levels are staying up.  My only issue this week was some stomach-upset.  I’ve had only 2 or 3 days like this during pregnancy where I have stomach pains a lot of the day.  I think it might be due to all the dairy I’m eating and if I mix it with certain acidic fruits, but it’s so hard to tell.  I also don’t do well if I eat too much sugar.  A Nature Valley granola bar (sugar bomb) I grabbed at a work conference one day put my stomach in fits for a few hours.


Adorable wrap dress my friend Amanda sent me

Moving // as usual, about 7 hours a week of moderate exercise.  I still got in a road ride last weekend (yay!).  It was the last time to wear my regular cycling jerseys though.  I’m also continuing with my personal trainer and she’s great about incorporating back as well as lots of squats/lunges.  I’m even using kettle bells – never thought I’d be using these pregnant, but they’re pretty great!   I also bought a Gabriella running belt.  Hard to say if it makes a huge difference, but I was having some soreness in my groin area so a little support of those extra pounds I’m carrying around can’t hurt.  I’m starting to notice the extra weight biking too, as I get discomfort in the saddle more easily.  Sidenote: lululemon running shorts and looong racerbacks have been pretty amazing through pregnancy.  I’m about to get a few more.  Just hope it doesn’t heat up too quickly here in Texas.  Once summer hits I’ll be destined to indoor treadmill runs to avoid overheating.


Betty Designs trucker + lulu outfit.  Ignore the bedroom mess.

Planning // Babymoon + Babyshower!  David and I are headed to Sedona shortly for our last getaway together pre-baby.  If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know we love desert hiking and are really looking forward to the red rocks.  Of course, our hikes will be shorter this time and with poles for me, but we’ll still get around.  And we booked a little condo with a kitchen + heated pool, can’t wait!  This will be my last flight prior to baby arriving, which is hard to believe.  The third trimester is nearly here and I’m extremely curious about it and how I’ll feel.  I’ve also been working on baby registries, etc. for the baby shower in June which my mother-in-law is planning.  It is going to be an extravaganza!

P5290112  P5300152

Moab – my first backpacking trip and one of my fondest memories!  I love the red rocks and blue desert skies.

Adoring // my hubby; he’s home from a week in Singapore (for work).  I know it’s not a long period of time by any means (as an Air Force brat my dad was away for months at a time), but it did make me miss him dearly!  These little absences often kick up your routine and make you appreciate how amazing your loved ones are.  He was happy to come home and talk to baby, who kicks a lot in response to his voice.

How is your weekend going?  What are you planning, adoring, celebrating, or stressing about? – Britt

5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week 24: Happenings

  1. You look so awesome with that beautiful bump!
    Congratulations on the house! I’m sure it’s nice to have that out of the way before baby comes, and it sounds like a nice location to be close to a running trail!
    I wore my Gabrialla belt during everyday life instead of just running towards the end. It was a saviour for my back!
    Have so much fun on your baby moon!

    1. Thanks so much, Abby! Yes, we can’t wait to move and get everything set up. Glad you told me that about the belt – I hadn’t thought to use it as an everyday belt, good to know!

  2. I love the lululemon racerbacks too! I am kind of in the awkward bump stage right now (is she or isn’t she pregnant), but plan to wear them more often once the bump screams pregnant!

    That’s great that you found a home to rent near a running trail. That was a huge priority for me when buying our new house – I had to easily be able to jump on the trails and go for a run with the stroller. When do you guys move?

    What is it like to feel the baby move? I am about 18 weeks now and have yet to feel him move. People say I will know, but I have no idea what to expect.

    My husband and I are looking forward to our babymoon too! We actually had a trip to Mexico planned in May before finding out we were pregnant, so we have pretty much turned it into a babymoon. Our last trip for a while… looking forward to it!

    Glad to hear you are staying strong and happy, and are doing well. You look great!!! The final stretch is near, right?? So exciting!!!

  3. I’m sure soon enough you will be past that phase and start getting comments/looks from everyone! I am noticing more and more people staring, haha. We move in early May and are SO ready! I’m really tired of apartment living.

    The baby moving feels like muscle spasms or gas (to me – just to be honest!). I was all worried since I didn’t feel much until 20-21 weeks, but now it’s in full force 🙂

    Mexico will be so much fun! Can’t wait to see the recaps.

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