Pregnancy Weeks 20-23: Second Trimester Flying By!

Hey Friends!  So many weeks since I last posted and I have little to show for it; March was bus-Y!  Between my mom visiting, rodeo, a wedding, house hunting, and an increased workload we had a lot going on.  I really loved having my mom here for awhile though; I wish we lived closer, but maybe someday.  It was nice to exchange pregnancy symptoms, thoughts, etc. and just fun to hang out with her.  We got in a lot of good shopping, eating and planning for baby.

The pregnancy is still going well – as everyone says, the second trimester is pretty normal and fairly easy so far.  Same ol’, same ol’.  I’m getting bigger and finally to the point that I don’t fit in many of my regular clothes anymore.  I was extremely blessed to have a good friend give me some of her maternity clothes, as well as a random lady from work hand off to me her whole maternity wardrobe.  Generous acts like these always remind me in the goodness of people, and each morning I am grateful at so many outfits to choose from.  I also hit up Target and my mom bought me a few dresses for work which are really great and well priced (preg ladies – check out Target!  Great quality and way better pricing than the “real” maternity stores).  I just need a couple more workout outfits and I’m set.

People are finally noticing my bump more and more too, and they love the way I’m carrying; I’m told I don’t look pregnant from the front or back, but then I turn sideways and bam!  Bump alert.  It’s like I am carrying a cute basketball around in my belly right now.  David often asks “what did you EAT?!”  Oh, and the girls keep growing too.  Never has this small-chested girl had cleavage until now. 

My symptoms haven’t changed too much and I don’t feel any different (gained 15+/- lbs but don’t notice it), and my hair and nails are growing really strong and healthy.  Oh, and baby is kicking a lot more!  Unfortunately he really likes around midnight or 2 AM when I wake up to pee, and also around 4-5 AM.  Early bird like his momma I guess.  Or I just imagine he is fist pumping and saying “Mom! Meatloaf!” (Wedding Crashers anyone?) since we both are hungry in the morning.

Still swim-bike-running and strength training.  The longer runs wear me out or I have to go pee after awhile (which doesn’t work well in urban areas), so the runs are usually only 30-40 minutes.  Swims are still 1 hour and I’m enjoying that the pool is now 50m and generally getting my own lane in the morning.  And biking should be fun since I just got a new trainer for my birthday present – more to come once it is all set up!  But in general I think keeping moving is helping me both physically and emotionally – working out for general fitness is something I’ll always want to do.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend with family and friends!

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Weeks 20-23: Second Trimester Flying By!

  1. I love the Houston Rodeo! Hopefully you got to see a couple great shows. How is the house hunting coming along? Are you hoping to be moved before the baby is here?

    Thanks for the Target recommendation. I’ve always noticed the maternity section, but have never had a reason to venture that way. Good to know for when I am ready to shop!

    It sounds like you are still able to exercise and feel good. I know exactly what you mean about peeing. Gah! And I’m sure that sometime soon I will have to start riding on the trainer, once I am too big to balance on the roads. ☺ Thank goodness for trainers.

    Glad to hear that everything is going well in the second trimester!

  2. Hey girl! I was afraid to write about it and jinx things before the lease was signed, but as of Friday, we finally have a rental house 🙂 I could not believe how hard it was to get – the Houston market is insane! But I feel so much better we have something for baby and I’m ready to get baby things (guess the nesting phase will kick in soon..).

    For Target, the brand I like is Liz Lange. It’s nothing fancy but the fabrics are really soft and the dresses were good for work for me. The only prob is they are often out of S or M sizes (at my Target at least). It is also much cheaper than Destination Maternity; I got my staples there like a LBD and some tees. I also noticed the Target regular (non-maternity) maxis would do well for pregnancy and were only $20-30. Let me know how the Stitch Fix goes, I’m curious!

    I’m still riding on the roads (not so often), but even then I am having to pee after an hour or so! I think the bending over motion is squishing my bladder a bit. Glad to hear you are doing well and so happy too!

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