Pregnancy Weeks 17-19: Mid-Second Trimester & COP 10K

Hey friends!  The last few weeks have seem to go by in a bit of a blur – I was traveling to NOLA area for work one week, in a training class the next, and honestly just overall swamped!  I’m making best efforts not to let the stress get to me, but it’s difficult considering so much is going on.  At least my day at work goes by quickly.  At home I’m trying to unwind with re-reading one of my favorite books, Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run – her writing style just speaks to me and I drink it up.  My other favorite books lately are Swimming to Antarctica and A House in the Sky, which I suppose also fall into the strong female memoirs category.  I’m doing 100% terribly at meditation and only hitting yoga once a week. I think I should jump back on those efforts…

Anyway, the last few weeks were all pretty similar as far as the pregnancy goes: growing bump but feeling overall really good.  Still no aches or pains, fingers crossed.  I had been worried a little earlier since I haven’t felt little guy much yet, but this week I’ve started to feel what seem like muscle spasms, so I assume it is him kicking (I hope!).  We go in for our 20-week detailed ultrasound next week, so we’ll get a really clear picture of how he’s doing then.  It’s supposed to be 30 minutes and checks everything – baby size, placenta, etc.

Around week 18 I ran the ConocoPhillips 10K Rodeo Run on a very chilly, windy day here in Houston.  I’m still going at my 10+ pace (the pace that allows me to stay conversational and keep my breathing steady – I get short of breath more easily now).  David ran too and had to wait quite awhile for me to come in.  As far as my pregnant race recap goes – I had to pee a gazillion times, both before and once during the race.  But I was overall happy and proud of myself.  My only complaint was that I wish I had a “running for two shirt” since it was not very obvious in my gray long-sleeve that I was pregnant.  I was pretty fatigued and my hip flexors/groin was sore after (could have been due to waiting so long + the cold) so the 10K was probably the last “long run” I will do for a bit.  I think I’ll keep it closer to 30-45 minutes from now on.  I don’t really have much more desire to do a race until post-pregnancy; it’s hard to pay to take it easy in races.  That being said, my 2016 season is already being dreamt up!


I started with a Physical Trainer this week too, something I thought I’d never do!  But my company gym was having a special that was too good to pass up and has a PT that is experienced working with other women during prenatal fitness, so I tried her out and bought the package.  My PT is a runner, mother, and very focused on functional fitness and form.  We started with a lot of balancing drills and by the end of the workout I could feel the burn in my hips.  And have you ever tried a balance ball/board? Impossible!  The sessions give me something to look forward to during the week.  She’s also shown me some exercises to strengthen my lower back (since I don’t do superman anymore) and core without doing sit ups.  Marni also provided a bunch of new band exercises I an do at home, which are harder than they appear.


Workout Snapshot

  • Monday: 30 min trainer + 25 min strength
  • Tuesday: 1 hr swim
  • Wednesday: 40 min run w/ David
  • Thursday: 50 min trainer + 30 min strength with PT
  • Friday: 1 hr swim
  • Saturday: outdoor bike + core/stretching (planned)
  • Sunday: run (planned)

I wrote about body image last time since I was at an odd in-between stage, but my bump is finally showing more and I’m embracing it.  I’m looking more obviously pregnant now, so it feels good.  Plus I bought bigger bras and feel SO. MUCH. BETTER!  Why did I not do this earlier?

Lastly, we’ve been all over our preggers to-do list: signed up for birthing, breastfeeding & infant care classes, on a waitlist at one daycare and signed up for a tour of another, started the registry, researching pediatricians, and searching for a rental house.  Phew!  How do procrastinators get through all this?

Hope you have a lovely weekend planned.  My mom is in town this week!  It’s going to be so fun to see her while I’m pregnant.

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Weeks 17-19: Mid-Second Trimester & COP 10K

  1. The little bands are mighty, aren’t they?! Congrats on the 10k, too! I’m in the middle of A House in the Sky… wow. I cannot imagine. And, thanks for the book recommendation… it sounds great!

  2. I know, what a book! If you read Armstrong’s book, I hope you enjoy. If nothing it is an easy read since it is more like a series of blog posts.

  3. I’m extremely behind in my blog reading! Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family!!! It’s great that you’re continuing to run, bike and stay fit. Enjoy this time…it’s awesome!

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