Convenient Online Services: ThredUP & Instacart

Hey friends!  How was your weekend?  It was pretty rainy/cold around here, so my weekend revolved around bra shopping and registry research, and now I’m a little maxed out of both.  But I have lots of help with the registry thanks to friends and Facebook, so it’s coming along.  We also enjoyed dinner with friends on Saturday night at True Foods Kitchen – have any of you been?  I really like it; lots of fresh, healthy options.  That being said, I got the bison burger (thanks, pregnancy cravings!), but it was with kale salad and sweet potato hash, and all together pretty amazing. 

The rest of this post is kind of random, but maybe a nice reprieve from the pregnancy ones.  I wanted to share a couple online services I’ve used recently that I was really happy with.  The less places I have to drive, the happier I am!  Both were so convenient and easy to use, I wanted to share them.  I think I’ll be using online services more and more with a little one to take care of!  I did paste referral links below, but these aren’t sponsored in any way.  I just liked them.

ThredUp – I’m the first to admit I don’t have great fashion sense.  So I hate trying to go to those consignment stores like Buffalo Exchange where they shift through your clothes and reject lots of them.  How degrading is it? So when  I saw ThredUp online and was instantly intrigued.  I had a few old brand-name occasion dresses, high heels (too much work – I’m a flats/wedge girl now), and tops that were in good condition but I knew I wasn’t going to wear again. I contacted ThredUp and they sent me a HUGE garbage-bag size mailing bag (at no cost) with postage paid to send back in. 


I chose the option not to have anything returned that wasn’t accepted as I didn’t want to pay for return postage.  To my surprise, 4 of my items went for $36 upfront payment, and two dresses were put up for bids, and earned $112 after fees!  I was psyched as ~$150 was a lot more than I thought I was going to get (these dresses were years old and would have been donated otherwise). 


I will be using ThredUp again – it was so easy and had a great return.  I just wanted to recommend it to you all in case you are like me and have some great condition occasion dresses you won’t re-wear or just some nice clothes you bought that aren’t really working for you.

Instacart – this online service allows you to place online orders for grocery stores in your area, but more importantly it lets you order from Costco without having a membership and without the pain of fighting all the people in Costco that are aimlessly wondering around!  (Anyone else get annoyed by that?).  Anyway, I like to stock up on certain items – frozen mango, oatmeal, almond milk, toilet paper – to name a few.  And having it delivered to my doorstep for $3.99 plus tip saves me hours and also the pain of lugging stuff too/from my car.  Once your order is placed, you have a shopper that texts you if any items are unavailable, etc.  It’s pretty great.  My only complaint is that Instacart’s online selection does not always match what is available in store, but in general it’s fairly close.

IMG_1552 IMG_1554

What conveniences do you use?  Have a good week!

2 thoughts on “Convenient Online Services: ThredUP & Instacart

  1. I wish I would have known about ThredUp earlier! I always take my stuff to consignment, but the payout is really low (and it’s high quality stuff!). I am definitely going to give this a shot – now that I am cleaning out my closet and making way for new mommy-ish clothing. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Totally checking out ThredUp… that’s brilliant! Thanks for the tip! I’ve been selling my lululemon in some facebook groups, and it’s made me a ton of money. And, Instacart… we were just at Costco yesterday. What a disaster! I swear all of the ‘burbs was out in mass. But, it’s a pretty fun place to people watch… ha! 😉

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