Pregnancy Week 12: Seeing Baby Move

Written week of Jan 16th

Week 12 was almost the end of my first trimester and our second prenatal appointment.  I was starting to feel really “normal” so I was excited for the appointment to make sure something was still in there 🙂


Yep, still there!

David joined me for the appointment, which would include all the regular checks plus the nuchal translucency screening which assesses risk for down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.  This is non-invasive and was covered by our health insurance.  We also opted to get cell-free fetal DNA blood test, which is generally not covered by insurance, but would take a sample of my blood and assess risk for down syndrome, etc. but has a higher accuracy.

We got to the appointment and I was supposed to have a full bladder (whoops, I forgot), so the first ultrasound wasn’t working well and baby was turned on its side.  They made me chug a LOT of water then I went back in after 15 minutes.  Bladder was full but baby wasn’t cooperative, just sitting on top of its head now.  So they had me eat a granola bar and piece of candy, wait 15 minutes.  This time, when I came back in there was a party in my tummy!  [Anyone know the yo-gabba gabba song?]  Baby was kicking and moving all over the place.  I was amazed how quickly the baby reacted to my blood sugar levels; he or she woke it right up.  David got to watch for quite some time and was fascinated.  We even saw some cute dolphin kicks!  Swimmer?  I wish.  It was so odd that I couldn’t feel anything going on inside me though.  And I am still weird-ed out that I am GROWING a person inside me!!  To finish the test they also had to prick my finger for blood samples.  Overall my doc was happy with my progress and everything looked good.  She also was happy with my exercise levels and cleared me to run a [moderate] 5K or 10K in the second trimester if I feel like it (we shall see).

The main difference physically is that I have gained about 4-5 pounds, and it seems like I have a small tire around my waist.  It is getting more noticeable; I cannot wait to tell everyone at work.  I’ve been wearing looser/flowy tops and only have a few pair of pants/skirts that still fit.  Must go maternity shopping soon!  I am fairly nervous/anxious about telling my boss since there’s no good way to break the news, but I plan to keep working post-baby and we are already signed up for a great daycare, so I hope she will be understanding.  Plus, once the news is out at work, we can announce it on social media – yay!  I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked what my next race is or what my 2015 race season looks like.  I am running out of excuses 🙂


Momma-to-be getting her workout on the trainer! #BettyDesigns

I’m still doing all my regular workouts and tried to add more strength (still mainly body weight/core/pilates) in this week.  It’s still cold and dark out, so sometimes I’m less motivated to work out, but I know I feel best when I move my body each day.  My swims have been around 2500yd which makes me happy!  Still all easy to moderate paces, but I will be excited to get back to some sprints and hard pushes later this year though.  (All you people loathing sprint/sweaty/exhausting workouts, be thankful you get to do them, I can’t wait!!)  We also watched the Houston half and full this year and I was inspired by so many friends that were running.  Me and a few of my girlfriends made a pact to run the half next year; yay!

And since I can’t end a post without talking food, we had some delicious flavors this week.  Black bean quesadillas with sautéed kale, spaghetti squash Bolognese (I’ve been wanting more meat lately, esp red meat), egg-veggie scrambled tacos, and homemade granola.  Get in my pregnant belly!

IMG_1913 IMG_1917 IMG_1918 IMG_1919

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