Pregnancy Week 11: Week in Pictures

Written week of Jan 11th

Date/game night at Te House of Tea Houston on a chilly winter evening.  We’re making it a point to enjoy date night together as much as we can.  And we just booked a hiking babymoon in April for which I can’t wait – Sedona!!!


Bundling up for another 40 degree weekend run.  Running at a slower pace = more layers.  I’m curious how long I will run for, but I won’t be too disappointed if/when I have to stop since I have so many other things I can enjoy in place of it (swimming, spinning, elliptical or incline treadmill, yoga and strength).


Sweet & savory crepes cooked by David for lunch after running.  Savory with eggs, cheese and Swiss chard, sweet with fruit, chocolate, and Greek yogurt.  I still look forward to a delicious meal post-workout!


Oven-baked wild Alaskan salmon.  Staple preggers food.  I’m eating meat more than I used to, especially red beef and fish.  Don’t get in my way if I’m craving a burger.


Someone stole my snoogle pillow.  Which is okay because I’m not a huge fan yet anyway.  Maybe once I’m farther along.  I’ve tried to keep my pregnancy purchases at a minimum – so far just this pillow and some Belli pregnancy-friendly face wash products.  Clothes to come soon I’m sure.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week 11: Week in Pictures

  1. Ahhh, I love your babymoon idea!!! My husband and I already had a trip to Mexico planned, so now we are making a babymoon out of it. Salmon and burgers = always craving!!! Protein Protein Protein!!! I’m also eating a lot of fiber one cereal. I don’t think I would function without it.

    1. Mexico will be great! Yes, LOOOVE burgers & salmon… and sweet potato fries for sure. I also eat a lot of cereal and milk, esp if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night or early morning.

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