Pregnancy Week 9: Austin & Getting Back my Taste Buds

Written week of Jan 28th, 2014 / New Years 2015.  Bear with me, just a few more posts to go to get caught up!

Nine weeks marks the end of the embryonic period and the start of the fetal period; basically baby now has some functioning organs.  And hopefully that means I won’t be quite as tired!  One of my apps did say week 9 is a peak week for emotions/hormones, so I gave David a fair warning that I might need to cry or snap for no reason.

We spent a few days in Austin to celebrate the New Year since we love that city, but unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate with us.  We did a New Year’s Day hike at the greenbelt anyway so we could get outside an not feel cooped up.


Food: I was so excited to be almost back to normal this week!  We even at Ethiopian & Vietnamese while in Austin – yay!!  Pho with lots of veggies, yum.


My Tan Noodle in Austin had an excellent option of adding steamed veggies to any pho


We celebrated New Year’s and the days after with sparkling apple cranberry cider.  It’s pretty tasty, considering.

Workouts: The trainer and I are getting to be good friends.  It’s been so cold that I’ve had a hard time wanting to swim, even though I feel good once I’m doing it.  Running 30-45 minutes with David has been working well so far too.


Is this a little baby bump maybe?  Or just bloating, I don’t know.  I’ve gained maybe 3 pounds so far.  This whole weight gain thing is stressful/confusing – have I gained too much already? but I don’t want to eat to little if my body is hungry?  Eh, I’ll just go with what my body tells me to do.  Now that my normal tastes are coming back and the holidays are over, so eating healthfully should be easier.  But I’m still stocking gelato in our freezer too so I can treat myself a little too!

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week 9: Austin & Getting Back my Taste Buds

  1. You look exactly like I do right now. A little belly or bloat (who knows). I feel like this is that awkward stage where you can’t really tell your pregnant, but then you have a little extra umph to the stomach region. I agree, it’s all confusing. Good to know this is peak emotional week – I will give some forewarning to my hubby as well. 😉

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