Pregnancy Week 10: Pregnancy-Safe Cosmetics & Strong Workouts this Week

Written week of Jan 4th.

Week 10 was great physically, but was a little…errr… more challenging in the emotional department.  I warned David ahead of time that it was a possible peak emotional week, so at least he expected it when I was a *jerk* or upset for little reason.  Sorry, David.

I’m still about the same weight (+3 lbs) that I was for the last few weeks, and not much of a bump, I think it is just bloat.  Since not that much has changed, sometimes I don’t really feel pregnant and I forget that I am!  Other than lots of bloat after eating.  But baby is the size of a date now – wow!  Yum, dates…


Pregnancy-safe Cosmetics: When TTC, I started reviewing our cleaners, my cosmetics, etc. to make sure the products I was using were safe.  I ditched my primer with sunscreen because it contained oxybenzone and I had read this had some concerning effects (not sure of the validity of EWG articles, but I’m veering on the safe side).  Over Christmas I was feeling not-so-cute thanks to pregnancy acne and winter skin, and I purchased some Bobbi Brown foundation with sunscreen and checked it did not contain oxybenzone, but I failed to check the other ingredients.  I was really annoyed that after I used it for a week I noticed its main ingredient, octinoxate, is not recommended for pregnant women because it may cause estrogen-like effects (source).  My doctor assured me that sunscreens are safe, but for now I think sunscreen with Zinc and/or Titanium Dioxide is the safest way to go.  This is just from some google research and I have by no means read any studies, but still, I was upset that there is no warning on the label of many cosmetics.  And in general, there are very few warnings in pregnancy about skin or beauty products.

Prior to pregnancy I also had ditched my nightly eye cream as it contains retinoids (not recommended for pregnant women) and switched to coconut oil, but in further checking my under eye concealer also contained retinoids but had no warning or even “anti-aging” claim on the label.  I was a bit frustrated at that one.  My doc assured me I’m fine, but best to avoid retinoids in the future.  So I’ve been busily working to find better natural/organic cosmetic products, which should be better for me in general anyway.  Any favorites out there?


Hadn’t seen this view for some time: a morning swim finally!

Weekly Workouts: I was really happy with my workouts this week.  It’s sometimes boring since I removed intervals from my training and my pace is mainly the same all the time, but I still try to break up my workouts and switch things up.  I would not have had the energy to do this 2-3 weeks ago. (and this is just an example of what worked for me, I understand everyone’s pregnancy is different!)

  • Sunday: 2600yd swim
  • Monday: Rest Day – light yoga at home + foam roll.  Stretching & foam rolling feels so good!
  • Tuesday: 50’ run + 10’ planks/hips. I’ve been running with David at whatever pace allows us to talk and keeps my HR reasonably low.  We take a lot of 30-60 sec walk breaks.
  • Wednesday: 2400yd swim.  Yay, swam at my outdoor pool in the morning and felt good finally!
  • Thursday: 30’ easy trainer spin + 20’ strength/foam roll
  • Friday: 2000m swim
  • Saturday: Prenatal yoga class

I’m liking the foam roller.  My doctor said that while pregnant I will definitely enjoy foam rolling everywhere [on my body], so I have the go ahead.


Food: My tastes are back to normal, like they were last week so I finally felt like healthy-ish foods again.  I’m trying to get a good variety in my diet: salmon at least 1x week (fish in general up to 2x per week), some red meat and sometimes chicken since I’m wanting meat more than usual.  I still do a little tempeh or soy product (soybeans/tofu) here and there, but less so.  My doctor said soy is perfectly fine and that I would have to be eating massive amounts of soy to have any effects on my hormones.  I’m also eating lots of dairy and eggs still (and fruits & veggies of course!).  Loved this yummy pumpkin bread; it didn’t last long..

IMG_1875 IMG_1885 IMG_1877

One thought on “Pregnancy Week 10: Pregnancy-Safe Cosmetics & Strong Workouts this Week

  1. Octinoxate in its regular form belongs to a group of soluble organic UV filters with molecular weight 500 Daltons do not have per-cutaneous entry. The group includes avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene, and 4-methylbenzilidene camphor. They all attain blood levels and some bind to dopamine and serotonin receptors in the brain. 85% of nursing mothers in the EU have at least one of these UV filters in breast milk and some have been detected in amniotic fluid. They should be absolutely avoided in pregnancy, even without considering that the entire group are known or suspected hormone disruptors. Most of the group are also on the list of the most common photo-contact allergens that cause dermatitis in a small number of patients. It is also important to know that reassurances that the amount in a sunscreen is too low is invalid. In humans even very low levels may have effects on vulnerable endocrine systems and neural signaling in the first trimester. As a specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine I consider all soluble filters as potentially harmful to the developing fetus. However, young or adolescent children, couples trying to conceive should also avoid these UV filters. Particle type UV insoluble filters are safe in pregnancy and and therefore safe for everyone. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide never enter through the skin. Encapsulated octinoxate is also safe- the encapsulation within an inert biosphere converts it to a large particle with a large size that now behaves like other particles such as zinc oxide, and eliminates all risks for allergy and hormone disruption. Other particle type insoluble UV filters that would be safe in pregnancy include bemotrizinol and biscotrizole that are largely unavailable in N. America. Finally, sunscreens with the soluble group produce a UVB-biased dispersion as only avobenzone has any UVA1 activity. This gives incomplete protection and has low efficacy to prevent skin cancer and photoaging- just look at the inexorable rise in skin cancer rates every year. Use zinc oxide in > 15 % with either of the safe UVB filters titanium dioxide or encapsulated octinoxate in 5-7.5%, or use zinc oxide alone in concentrations > 20%. Safe in pregnancy and for anyone.

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