Pregnancy Week 8: First Ultrasound Reveals a Blob

Written week of Dec 21, 2014.

Week 8 was a super exciting week!  Not only did we have our first OB GYN appointment, but we also got to break the news to the families.  It was a real treat seeing the excitement on their faces!  Though I’m still sleeping a lot, I started to feel a bit more normal too.

First Doc Appt: Everything happened so fast!  Both David and I were very nervous/anxious and wanted to make sure all was okay.  Once we were finally ushered in for the ultrasound, they quickly had me strip down, put the device you-know-where, and there baby was!  It was kind of surreal.  There was a little munchkin that looked like a bean with a little flutter (the heartbeat) inside me.  David got teary-eyed for about the third time that month.  The doctor was pretty happy that we could easily locate the heartbeat and everything looked good.  From what I had read this is a good sign at 8 weeks and it relieved the anxiety I had.  And proved there really IS something in there!  We cracked up that they labeled the little bean (blob) “BABY”.


Symptoms: Fatigue is a little better and I am starting to feel normal again.  I even did my first morning (aka before-work) workout in quite awhile.  But I still took a nap on the days I didn’t work, since I was off work a lot for the Christmas holidays.  David must be having some pregnancy sympathy since he was napping too!  Yes, that’s me napping under a pillow during all the noise that was going on at Christmas time.


Cravings: Strawberry cream cheese & bagels (thanks David for the grocery run) and burgers have been good (not together!).    My hunger has been insane lately.  Even after pizza with family at Grimaldi’s, I woke up at 2 AM and needed a bowl of cereal with milk.  Mmmm, cereal and milk.  Eggs are good too – lots of eggs.  Fave breakfast of the week was steel cut oats & berries and a big glass of milk.  All the berries!


Aversions: sadly, dark chocolate still.  Hummus, spinach or anything super spicy does not seem appealing either.

Workouts: I did okay this week, but was a little less than motivated since the weather was cold and we were with family for the holidays.  But I still managed something each day plus a rest day – I ran a couple times, swam once and did strength/core.   I’m looking forward to getting my motivation back [hopefully] and being more active un upcoming weeks!

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Week 8: First Ultrasound Reveals a Blob

  1. I go in for my first ultrasound tomorrow!!! I wish they would have done it during week 8 – you are lucky!!! So I have to ask… how painful or uncomfortable is that first ultrasound? I know they go in from you-know-where, which is different than just the belly, so I’ve been a little nervous about that. Are you planning on finding out if it is a girl or boy?

    1. Yay! So the first one they did with a device they put up in the you-know-where but subsequent ones she put lube stuff on my belly and used a device on my belly. So it might just depend on what week you are on. I think the first time our little one was so small they had to use that device. It did not hurt at all to me – I thought pap smears hurt more. Of course I was pretty excited and distracted at the monitor too! It is a pretty cool experience (and confirms something is there!). Let me know how it goes.

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