Pregnancy Week 7: First Trimester Workout Update

Written week of Dec 14, 2014.

Things were looking up this week since I had a little more energy, but I was still was pretty tired by 8 PM.  Placenta manufacturing is tough, yo!  Other than that, just a regular week of work and preparing for the holidays.

Food Aversions/Cravings:  My biggest problem has been that I don’t know what I will want for a meal until RIGHT THEN.  So meal planning is out.  And a lot of times anything I ate previously sounds disgusting.  Dark chocolate is still out (sadly), but I did split a red velvet cupcake with David for dessert one night and it was delicious.  Ice cream is okay too!  Our whole fridge looked gross for a while and I couldn’t pack my lunches for work like I normally do, because once I got them there they sounded yucky so I went to the cafeteria instead.  Thank goodness for green smoothies!  And I did get in a few salads this week.  But in general, we ate out way more than normal since I couldn’t decide what I wanted at night.  My hunger has been out of control too, but food doesn’t sound good sometimes.  So confusing.


No raw fish sushi, but we made some California rolls at home using steamed imitation crab.  Salty soy sauce has been yummy lately.

Symptoms: Just the usual chest soreness and sleeping LOTS.  If you are curious how this compares to ironman (or endurance) training, these are my thoughts:  With ironman training, you are in control of everything.  You are exhausted a lot of the time, but it is generally a “good” exhaustion/soreness.  Even if you sometimes don’t feel like getting up for an early swim, you are certainly still capable of doing it.  With pregnancy, your body is going to do what it wants and you can’t control any of it (and of course, it is different for every woman).  For me, first trimester has been  a knock-you-on-your-butt and you don’t want to do anything / feel lazy sort of exhaustion.  I have honestly been surprised at it!   I told David, I can’t believe how this would feel if I were out of shape or not active.  He agreed and thinks I am sleeping more now than I did during IM training.  But I am doing my best do listen to my body, so that’s what I have to do.  I just feel really lucky I am having a relatively “easy” time so far without nausea and that I’m able to continue moving my body.

Workouts:  I’ve been pretty happy with myself for staying active, even if it is at a much lesser intensity.  I’m averaging around 7 hours a week (1 rest day usually), which includes any stretching/yoga.  My doc said even many of her active patients quit activity in the first trimester, and she was impressed I was keeping up with it (she is a big advocate of staying active during pregnancy).

Since I haven’t felt like working out in the mornings, it’s been a little tough to get myself going in the dark evenings after a long day at work, so sometimes a walk is better than anything.  These are the types of workouts I’m doing so far in first trimester; every day is just dependent on how I feel:

  • Bike trainer: 40-50 minutes, pretty low power, HR in low 100’s
  • Running: 30-40 mins , not tracking pace, with lots of stops to walks when I need, HR seems to stay around 130 at conversational pace
  • Swims for 45-60 mins: I ditched flip turns to get an extra breath at the wall.  Adding in lots of fins/pull buoy/kick to vary up the workout and limit exhaustion
  • Strength: at-home hips/core/glutes, TR-X (I like this workout shown below, 2 circuits), or gym with higher reps / lighter weights
  • Stretching/yoga: foam roller, prenatal yoga from youtube (I haven’t ventured to a prenatal yoga class, but I look forward to it)
  • Walking: it’s been fun to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood!


I do miss being able to push myself, but it is no big deal and I know I will have plenty of interval trainings to do to get back in shape after baby!


Getting my swim training at an early age with mom

Thinking: Lots about the “circle of life”, my mom, and the female gender!  This experience is certainly making me feel like I understand my mom more and now am learning what she went through (3 times!).  I ‘m also thinking about how the female gender deserves a lot of respect; I’m all about equality, but now I’m like heck, this procreation thing is VERY lopsided!  Us girls need some credit!  Like my doctor said, there’s a reason that women bear the children, because it’s HARD.  Let’s just say I am having the utmost admiration for mothers now.   Ok, I’ll get off my feminist rant Winking smile


My mom in England while pregnant with me.  Glad the maternity clothes have improved since then!

Next week is our first prenatal appointment and we are very excited/anxious.  Week 8 should be good!

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