Pregnancy Week 6: Cliché Cravings

Written week of Dec 7, 2014.

Back to work!  The week started out pretty rough since we returned from Hawaii on a red-eye flight.  I only slept a few hours on the flight since there was a lot of turbulence and I was feeling very nauseous.  Not normal for me, but maybe the pregnancy contributed.  I ended up sleeping a LOT over the weekend once we returned.  Then I had a 2-day trip to New Orleans for work the following week.  I had to try to be inconspicuous at happy hour and dinner with coworkers not ordering drinks, etc.  It felt so odd not to be able to tell anyone!

Symptoms:  Mornings are usually my favorite time of day; I get right up and am super productive and usually get my workout in.  But not now.  I’m a bit jittery and weak when I wake up in the morning.  I’m not nauseous and haven’t thrown up (my mom never did either), so it isn’t too bad, but I just get this slightly dizzy / faint feeling.  I usually feel better once I get something in my stomach.  I also had a lot of anxiety this week – what am I getting in to? Will I be able to handle this?  Have I done everything right so far?  I decided to quit reading the pregnancy books.  They are freaking me out!  I’m sure it will be fine, but I just don’t feel myself lately.

Workouts:  Since mornings are out, I’ve been trying to get in lunch or evening workouts.  The only problem with that is I find I am VERY tired mid-day and also in the evening.  Work is a good distraction, because if I were at home I think the couch and I would become good friends.  But as far as workouts go, my running is extremely SLOW (I just try not to look at the pace) as I find I get winded more easily.  Swimming is still good, but with slower paces I’m getting too cold in our outdoor pool which is having heater problems, and I might have to move to an indoor pool during the winter.  Weights seem to be a good option because I don’t get as exhausted.  Most workouts are just 30-60 minutes because I get fatigued otherwise.

Food Cravings: At the start of the week I had my first experience of cravings and also some extreme hunger!  Especially in the morning; I eat a lot in the morning.  I was craving lots of carbs (bread/potatoes/cereal), butter, cheese and salty things.  Then I realized I was turning into David: he loves mac and cheese, butter, and pickles.  He was overjoyed that I asked for Annie’s mac and cheese one night.  And then he was upset I ate the last two pickles in the pickle jar.  I know pickles are cliché, but I was all about pickles and salt & vinegar pop chips.


Lots more white carbs & cheese than my normal diet!  At least I snuck in a green smoothie here and there!

Food Aversions:  There have been a number of times I’m hungry and food is just unappetizing.  I NEVER loose my appetite, so this is very strange.  This week I could really care less for desserts and sweets.  I even hated grocery shopping – ugh food seemed gross.  This is so not me.  Fingers crossed it won’t last!

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