Pregnancy Weeks 4-5: First weeks in Hawaii

Written end of Nov, 2014

Overall, it was a pretty good first couple of weeks pregnant for me as we were in Maui/Oahu.  I did start feeling a few small pregnancy symptoms though; on the way home from Maui I had some bad stomach pains / indigestion that lasted all day.  While on vacation you tend to eat different foods, and I was eating a lot of spicy things.  Plus, in an effort to eat lots of fruit and dairy I mixed yogurt and citrus-y fruits some mornings which may have contributed.  I can’t complain though, I still feel very lucky that I am not nauseous or throwing up so far.  I also found myself being easily lightheaded when standing up too fast, and often tired around noon each day.  I just wanted a nap and felt lazy; not my usual self.  Though I keep questioning – do I really feel tired or do I just think I do since fatigue is so common in the first trimester?  In retrospect it was definitely pregnancy fatigue which lasted until week through week 10 at least (around Christmas).


Sneaking in a nap on the couch at my parent’s house

We go to tell my parents the night after finding out and we were so excited to share the news with them.  My Dad even got out a random bottle of Ouzo out to toast with the others.  Then they proceeded to work on grandparent names which was pretty hilarious.  We read through these lists and our abs were hurting from laughing so much.

Workouts: Lots of hikes!  But most only 1-2 hours for safety and not to get too exhausted.  We turned around if the trail got too sketchy.  My Dad affectionately named me “the vessel” since I’m now a baby-carrying vessel, and was very quick to check if the vessel was doing okay during activities.  I also kept my swimming up (steady, not intense).  I swam in the Turkey 2K on Oahu and also swam at the pools in Maui twice.  While on Hawaii we did shorter hilly runs with lots of walk breaks for me while the boys ran ahead and circled back, followed by TR-X or body weight strength with the family.


There was quite a bit of resting/reading too…


Food: No cravings yet, but while my stomach was upset I was eating more bread-y things than normal.  The below picture was staged by the way; no wine for me!


Overall pretty normal weeks and happy to enjoy the vacation as usual!

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Weeks 4-5: First weeks in Hawaii

  1. Obviously I have been reading and keeping up with all of your posts over the past weeks, and now that my little secret is out of the bag, I can finally chime in!!! I feel like I am following in your footsteps. I was seven weeks pregnant when we were in Hawaii. Pregnancy definitely makes for a different “style” of vacation. No tropical adult beverages by the pool. No sushi or seared ahi tuna (both of which I love when I go tropical). A lot more relaxation and down time. And you never know what food on what day is going to sound good or sit well. It sounds like your experience was a lot like mine!

    1. I know what you mean – I had a lot of rest time on vacation and was never sure what I’d want to eat each day. It is so weird considering I generally love food so much. I definitely miss the drinks & sushi too! Can’t wait for some wine & sushi to celebrate post-baby!

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