Ironbaby: Trying to Conceive Post-Ironman

Hey friends!  Warning: there are some pregnancy posts upcoming.  If you aren’t into that, please skip ahead for a bit.  Since this blog is to chronicle my life and journeys, I do plan to post about my pregnancy, particularly related to fitness.  I also have quite a few backlogged first trimester posts you will see in the next few months.  

David and I have big goals, and we hope to live our lives to the fullest (we’re still working on the getting-out-of-Texas someday part ;).  But in general, we’ve had some pretty amazing adventures in the past.  So I wasn’t surprised that David really wanted one last big trek in Patagonia pre-kids.  And I wanted to finish my big goal of completing an Ironman.  We did both in 2013-14, with big smiles the whole way.

IMG_9204 10277346_4330814285036_8218800721709737938_n

I knew a family was in our future at some point, but I guess I had been delaying it a bit.  I liked my life, my routine, my time (and still do).  And I didn’t feel ready.  But after six amazing years together, I knew it was time for the next new adventure; something special for us to share together.  We still have a lot of travel, hiking, and races to do, but we felt like we’d done a lot of the important bucket-list items in our twenties and early thirties.  I also knew that sharing this short experience on earth with a family of our own would be something I might regret if I didn’t.  And David had been waiting patiently to be a father, he was so excited at the idea and was ready.

Anyway, after IMTX in May, I needed a month to recover and then a few weeks to get back into training and feel like myself again.  I don’t bounce back as quickly as some, and I wanted to feel like I was in great shape and all healed before trying to conceive (TTC).  I had been on the pill for many years (8+?) so I knew my body might need to adjust.  I got off the pill in July, and when I got off, I felt something lift and felt like a woman again.  I don’t know how to explain it, but I don’t want to go back to the pill if I can avoid it.  I’ll try some other method of contraception in the future.

It was business as usual through the summer with “non-ironman” training since I had some smaller upcoming races like an Oly tri in September.  I kept at what I considered my healthy weight and a healthy BMI, and continued a varied diet with lots of fruits, veggies, and enough fats.  During that time, it took three months to get my cycles regular again.  I was very excited to see my natural Aunt Flo when she arrived!  I decided to have a couple regular cycles before we started trying; which was good as it allowed me to go offshore in October and do a couple final races in the fall (I could have done these pregnant, but it was nice to be able to push without worrying).

Then we decided to let nature run its course.  To be honest I had concerns about conceiving having been an endurance athlete and with my age.  I didn’t expect anything to happen too soon.  Before leaving for Hawaii for Thanksgiving, I had a night of bad cramps and I was absolutely sure my cycle was about to start and I hadn’t conceived.  I went for a morning swim as usual, worked and then we boarded the plane the following day.  By the time we got to Hawaii, I still hadn’t started, so during our second night in Oahu at 3 AM in the morning I was up and decided I’d use the one and only test I brought with us.  A faint line appeared.  (it will be faint if you are very hydrated like me!)


We were surprised it happened so fast and very lucky; it was such a special moment to share together.  The following morning David and I were scheduled to swim the Oahu Turkey 2K.  I was still excited to swim it and promised David I would take it as easy.  I even wore my Roka to make sure I had a little extra buoyancy.


Baby’s first race!  It was fun to think me & baby were just swimmin’ along

So that’s the story – it took a few months to get my body ready, as expected, but since then I have been very lucky my body is adjusting as nature intended.  I’m pretty amazed at all the changes and thanking my body often for allowing me to continue activities I love and also carry a little one inside.

4 thoughts on “Ironbaby: Trying to Conceive Post-Ironman

  1. That’s awesome you were able to get pregnant relatively easy!!
    And it’s great you guys were both on the same page about checking some fun items off your list pre-baby. Same with us, although I could’ve kept finding more to add 🙂
    Where do you guys hope to move one day?

    1. I agree, I could have kept finding more goals/adventures 🙂 There are lots of places we want to go, but we definitely lean towards the outdoors! We both grew up moving and we enjoy seeing new places. I think we are just tired of living in the same place (considering it’s not our dream city) for so many years.

  2. Your plan sounds a lot like the plan my husband and I had before having kids. We traveled to Africa and marked a few things off our bucket list (minus an Ironman – darn) and then Bam, pregnant. I guess I had a similar mindset in that I knew Justin was being very patient and I didn’t want to not give him the opportunity to be a dad.

    I hear Central Oregon is a great place to raise kids and enjoy the outdoors. 😉

    1. Ahh – this is so fun! Awesome to have another athlete/triathlete pregnant around the same time 🙂 I know you will get to be an ironman (ironmom!), just a little later than planned. Isn’t it cute that the husbands are the ones excited about kids?

      I’m sure I would LOVE central Oregon. If only there were oil and gas jobs there… Sometimes I think I need to change industries.

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