Maui: Waihee Ridge Trail & Last Days in Hawaii

Our last couple of days in Maui continued to be a mix of hiking & kiting.  We searched some of the tour books at our vacation rental and found the Waihee Ridge Trail, a 4.5 mile, moderate hike on the west side of the island with good reviews.  We knew we might get a little rain, but decided to try it anyway.  The start of this hike had an awe-inspiring view of Crater Road which leads up Haleakala (a must-do ride for any cyclist!).


We got to put our baby gates to good use on the turn stiles!


The first part of the trail has a pretty steep incline, but lots of beautiful farm land around.


Then the trail gets in to some magnificently tall trees.


With the recent rains, you could see waterfalls around too.


But as we got farther and into more ridge-line hiking, it got wet.  Really wet.


We renamed the trail the Waihee Ridge River Trail.  Our path was basically a small river, and extremely muddy.  We got a lot of laughs out of the situation.


I think we logged around 1.5 or 2 miles out before it just became too much!  We had concerns about descending the slippery slopes so we turned back.  On a positive note, we had recently purchased these Columbia hiking shoes for our “lighter” hikes which proved excellent for these types of hikes – our feet were not wet, believe it or not!

After cleaning up from the hike, we drove back to kite beach where the guys had some of the best kiting of their lives.  There were hundreds of kites there!


During our next-to-last day in Maui we drove up to Haleakala for a short hike around.  It was fun to see the route my Dad and I had biked many years ago.  The climate up there was cold and the scenery was so different!  I think I also swam at another local free pool that afternoon while the guys kiteboarded, but it wasn’t quite as nice as the Upcountry one.


We also found out that evening that my little sister Gillian got engaged!  Definitely had to toast to that.


We needed to kill some time before our flight on our last day, so we tried Iao Valley State Park.  This is all you really need to see – nothing too exciting.


And lastly we spent 4 hours at the Maui airport due to delays.  We had an epic Spades tournament which ended in a tie between the couples!


So there you go – a memorable trip with my family full of hiking, kiting, swimming and spicy foods!  We will miss Hawaii but I’m sure we’ll be back before long.

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