2014 Recap & Happy New Year!

Happy 2015 to all!!  Hope your year has started out great already.  I’m a little late, but I’ve been loving everyone’s recaps of 2014, so I thought I’d do one too.  I really enjoyed writing and reminiscing on what a great year it’s been.


Rang in the New Year with either a very cold 5K or bike time trial with David.  I had just started my individualized training with Marni.  I saw a LOT of the pool; mainly in the dark hours of the morning.  But I was loving it.  My pool workouts ended up being my favorite part of training!


I also started my new position in Chevron’s Deepwater Business unit; I moved to a temporary office at our contractor’s building on the outskirts of town and studied up on facilities once again.


Other highlights in January were getting my Betty gear (! ), cheering while David ran the Houston half marathon & my friend Amanda ran the full, and meeting the inspiring Diana Nyad.



I won’t lie that I was having a lot of bike issues around this time – the saddle that is.  Fit after fit and adjustment after adjustment I was just in pain.  Marni & Karel did everything they could, finally suggesting I join them at camp and get a bike fit.  I was so happy to feel like a real cyclist again after Karel worked his magic.  And camp was definitely the highlight of February – I loved meeting like-minded athletes and felt so at-home!  So fun.  I can’t wait to attend again someday.


My #1 sherpa took care of getting me set up for camp then drove quite a bit to do some kiting during the day.  I love him so!



March marked the start of IMTX training.  I chased a lot of sunsets on the bike trail after work, had a lot of rainy/muddy rides, and crushed a lot of bricks!  Later in March, David and I had both noticed the repetition of train-eat-pack-sleep-repeat was wearing on both of us and realized we need to make more time for each other too.



Poor David got hit in the back of the neck with his kiteboard and cracked a vertebrae Sad smile  But he was such a good sport about it.


While David recovered, I did some killer workouts including my first solo century, and an “ironman” weekend.  I was pretty proud of all these.  Recovery & nutrition were of the utmost importance too! (Geez, I ate a LOT)  I also enjoyed using my in-laws house in The Woodlands as home base for most of my weekend training.



May was time to taper and prepare for the big event (swim, bike & run)!  What a day of vivid memories that I will never forget, and what love & support that my family & friends showed!



June was all about recovery – physically and mentally!  We started the month off with a hike with alligators and David’s neck was finally good enough to do light workouts.


I also jetted over to LA for a weekend to visit my favorite girls (sisters & cousins) to celebrate Sarah’s bachelorette!


Sadly and unexpectedly my Papa passed away in June.  The family flew in to San Antonio for one last time for his memorial service.  Funerals are so very sad, but at the same time, it was a chance to bring the family together and celebrate my grandparent’s’ lives.



We said by to our good friends and neighbors Amanda & Justin that moved to East Texas, and I started training to go offshore for work.  David and I also dismantled my bike & installed Di2, which I now can’t live without, thanks Dad! (We did everything but run the cables; we needed shop help for that)



Yay, time for vacation!  We visited my sister-in-law & brother-in-law in their new home in San Diego & also met my family in LA for my cousin Sarah & John’s wedding. Can we move to beautiful California?!


Loved seeing my family & the beautiful wedding too!



I had trained through the summer for one more Oly tri on Labor Day where I made the podium with 2nd AG!  To say I was excited is an understatement.  I felt like smart training & racing had really paid off.  David and few of my friends raced too, which made this so much fun.

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David and I did an end of season 10-miler run with friends (one we do almost every year) where I PR’ed with a  run-walk strategy, and I did the Tour de Pink bike ride to honor my Granny.  David also had a kite race.


I moved offices back downtown (yay, short commute with David once again!) and took my first trip offshore.


I can’t forget our annual pumpkin party and our  last-minute Ninja Turtle costumes for Halloween.



Lots of hiking, our 2K swim and spending time with my parents on Oahu/Maui!  You guys just saw most of these posts.



We spent the week of Christmas at my in-laws where we enjoyed some intense bouts of croquette, puzzling and lots of great food.  And presents of course!


So much happens in a year; I love pausing and reflecting.  Last year I learned that I can do so much more than I think I can, I learned how to thank and love my body, and I was constantly reminded that my family is the best.  David especially was a huge supporter to me last year in so many ways; we just celebrated our 3 years anniversary and each year is a new adventure that keeps getting better!  2015 here we come!!

9 thoughts on “2014 Recap & Happy New Year!

  1. Swimming really became your favorite sport? Any tips for learning to love to swim? I struggle with this daily. 😦

    What was your favorite thing to eat during Ironman training?

    You really had a well-rounded, fantastic year. That is what I call living!! ☺

    1. Yes – I really love swimming! (this is coming from someone that really used to struggle with it!). I did swim a lot (3x/wk helps) – so the more you swim the better it gets, and if you have a friend of similar pace that always makes workouts fun! I’m sure you will get it. Also a lot of form/drill work helps – really focusing on extending and not dropping the arm (and a high elbow catch), plus catch-up type drills to make sure one arm is extended (really stretch!) while the other is on the recovery (if that makes sense).

      Hmmm favorite food? I feel like I ate SO much nut butter! And handfuls of granola for snacks all the time. Anything dense with calories! Not so exciting but true – I had little time for cooking 🙂

      I am so inspired by your posts lately & excited to follow your IM journey 🙂

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