Maui: Upcountry Pool, Waihou Spring Trail & the Aquarium

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!  I had to take a little break from posts to spend time with the family, but now I’m back to recapping our Maui trip – almost done!

On our 4th day in Maui I was itching to swim knowing the public pools were free and pretty nice looking.  I had found Upcountry pool which wasn’t too far from where we were staying in Haiku (if I weren’t such a sissy about swimming alone / potential sharks I might have done an OWS).  I swam around 2,000m and it was a great way to start my day!  Such a beautiful pool too.


Later in the day, we headed to Kihei so the guys could get an afternoon kite in.  It seemed to always be windy in Kihei.   They were glad they went, but described the area as sketchy given the sharp reefs and knowing it is a hot spot for sharks.  They also would recommend booties if you go.  My mom and I shopped around Kihei a bit, but other than having the best lemonade ever at Wow Wow Lemonade (I had the watermelon basil lemonade and my mom had blackberry lavender – so sour!  Outstanding!), the afternoon was pretty uneventful.  We didn’t find many shops, but at least we were able to walk a lot.

The following day we started the morning with a short hike on the Waihou Spring Trail


Don’t be fooled, poles are not needed on this very easy trail!  We were being optimistic!


The hike was a short 1-mile loop with a side trail to a grotto/cave area.  It got a little muddy but wasn’t bad.  Overall a really easy hike. 


The afternoon was spent at the Maui Ocean Center (aquarium) – a pretty good one!  The highlights were the octopus and the shark tank of course.  We stayed around and learned that you are 100x more likely to be killed be a cow than a shark.  Though, I wonder how much the risk goes up if you are participating in activities such as surfing, kiteboarding, open water swimming?

For Thanksgiving, we enjoyed a very non-traditional day at the beach in Kahalui were the boys did some kiting.  Then Dad made a curry dinner (any traditional recipes would have been pretty difficult in the small kitchen we had, plus my Dad is vegan and the rest of us aren’t big turkey fans either).  The potato-chickpea curry would have been pretty amazing, but somehow the spices we got from the bulk bins were SO hot!  None of us could eat it but Dad.  Once I added some Greek yogurt and more rice it wasn’t so bad though.  I wish I had snapped some photos.  At least it was memorable!

One thought on “Maui: Upcountry Pool, Waihou Spring Trail & the Aquarium

  1. I still cannot get over that public pools in Hawaii are free! That’s awesome. Despite the super spicy curry, glad you had a fun Thanksgiving! And, that lemonade… YUM.

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