Maui: West Maui Coastal Drive

During the start of our week in Maui, there wasn’t a ton of wind for the guys to go kiteboarding, so we opted to do some tourist-y things instead.  Everyone but me had already done the Road to Hana so the West Maui Coastal Drive seemed like a good alternative.

We decided to drive counter-clockwise which is not recommended, but we had no problem and enjoyed the route.  It’s very windy with narrow roads, but David did a great job driving us around.  Our first stop was a gift shop near Kahakuloa Bay.  It had some really great products from local artists and we bought a few gifts to take back.

Next up was Olivine Pools.  After a short, rocky hike down there are some beautiful views and pools that you can jump in (David, of course, did).  Side note: we had our hiking shoes, and while this could be done in tennis shoes, they were nice to have.


We hit the road again, and shortly came to our next and favorite stop, the Nakalele Blowhole.  It was again a short, rocky hike from the road down to the coast.  Since it was rainy, we donned our rain gear and mom protected her backpack (turning into a turtle!).


When you approach the blowhole from the front (as most do), it’s pretty neat.


But, the view is the best if you hike around to the top of the rocks for an overlook!


I think we could have watched the blowhole for hours.  But we had a lot of driving still to do, so off we went.  We continued south, briefly stopping in Oneloa Bay to check out a surf competition that wasn’t happening (no surf), and also some lava rock formations called “Dragon’s Teeth” in Kapalau, which are just  short walk down from a golf course.  Nothing too crazy, but provided a nice break on the drive.


By now we were hungry, and I had picked out a lunch spot in Lahaina called Bamboo Fresh (thank you yelp!).  The food was outstanding – we all raved about our wraps, salads and rice bowls made with fresh, local Hawaiian ingredients.

The way home was fast and uneventful since it was mostly on highways, and when we got home my dad, David and I went for a quick run and TR-X session.  I love that you can bring it anywhere!


All in all, the west side was worth the drive and the Nakalele Blowhole is not to be missed!

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