Maui: Upcountry Gardens & a Strength Routine

My parents, David and I flew into Maui fairly early so that we could catch a cheaper flight.  After landing and getting our rental car, we had a lot of time to kill before our 3 PM check in at the vacation rental.  We had zero itinerary for this trip, so we looked at the map and decided going to the central Maui area to see a Kula Botanical Gardens and the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm would be a good choice to get a lot of walking in.  I always enjoy botanical gardens; I think Hilo Botanical Gardens are my favorite of all.

We noticed upcountry Maui (which starts to gain elevation as it goes up towards Haleakala, was a lot drier than other parts of Hawaii and felt almost like California.  This is a smaller botanical garden, but still nice to see some Maui plants.




Eucalyptus bark is always so cool.


Photo ops.


Dad and his favorite Maui bird, the Nene (pronounced Nay-nay).


Next up was the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farms since we were so close.  My parents had been there previously on a trip to Maui with my grandparents.  It was definitely worth the stop for some beautiful vistas.


But, after not too long we got hungry, so we headed back to Kahalui to grab lunch, and do some grocery and kiteboard shopping.  Then it was finally time to check in to our vacation rental in Haiku.

It was a nice evening, so I decided to do some strength work on the lawn.  David loves making fun of me for my hips/core/glutes routine, but somehow my parents wanted to join in for the fun!


In case you are interestred, this was just 20-30 minutes of Marni’s hips/core/glutes exercises that only require your own body weight and maybe a mat.  It was something like this, repeated 2-3x:

  • 10 baby gates over/back on each leg
  • 60 seconds each: front plank, and side planks
  • 10 push-ups
  • 30 seconds glute lift each leg
  • 60 seconds lower back exercise (on tummy) opposite arm/opposite leg
  • 30 seconds of hip drops on step, each leg
  • 10 marches while in bridge pose

Baby gates: pretend you are stepping forward and backward over a baby gate.  These are great for hips; I often use them to warm up my hips prior to a bike ride.


Planks: we all know and love these.  Don’t judge my form 😉


Glute Lifts: a nice “gentile” exercise to transition to after planks. 


Lower back with opposite arm/opposite leg.


Hip drops on a step:  I believe all these hip exercises helped me and my knees during ironman training.


Bridge pose with marches.


Why would we be in such a beautiful setting and doing exercises?!  Well because it feels good and that is what makes me happy.  Not to worry, we did relax and have some beers after this.

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