It’s Time for the Islands

And I can’t wait!  Soon David and I will be off to spend Thanksgiving with my parents in Hawaii; we will have some time in Oahu at their house and also a week in Maui, yay!  The boys (hubby & my dad) are psyched for some kite surfing and I am really looking forward to some girl time with my mom.  It will be the first Thanksgiving I have spent with my parents since high school (normally I come home for Christmas).  And my Dad is still going strong on his vegan diet, so I am looking forward to a plant-based Thanksgiving meal since I don’t care for turkey anyway.   Needless to say, I’m excited and ready to go.  If only someone would come pack for me…

In the meantime, we are enduring some cold and dreary weather here in Houston making outdoor workouts (esp. biking) less than desirable – plus it’s getting too dark after work.  I took this selfie right before what might have been my last outdoor weekday ride of the season (in my new Betty kit – LOVE).  By 5:30-5:45 PM it was getting to twilight and too hard to see.  Even though I was riding on a trail it just felt a little unsafe and I had to call it a day after only an hour of training.  Back to early morning trainer rides – sigh.


Here’s what my week looked like – just doing what feels right lately for offseason and enjoying some runs with David.  I’m pretty happy with this considering the temperatures outside gave me a real lack of motivation this week!

  • Monday – rest day
  • Tuesday – 55min AM run w/ David + 20 min strength (hips/core – lots of planks)
  • Wednesday – 2400 yd AM swim (a tad chilly!)
  • Thursday – 1 hr AM trainer w/ lots of single leg drills
  • Friday – 2800 yd AM swim + 35 mins strength (core/hips + upper body on TR-X)
  • Saturday – Cool 1:15 hr run w/ David + 45 mins yoga/foam roll
  • Sunday – 1 hour Body Pump

I am loving my (used) TR-X so far!  I will be bringing it on my Hawaii vacation since it’s so portable.  I did Body Pump the past two weeks, but it is still a little hard to work in with my tri training – it gets me a little more sore than I’d prefer, so I think the TR-X will be better.

So that’s about it – just staying warm and cozy with lots of soups and pizzas!  Have a good week everyone.


8 thoughts on “It’s Time for the Islands

    1. Abby – so funny I actually made that last year for an “at home” Thanksgiving meal and it was so good (but yes, lots of work!). Maybe I will have to redo it for this year too 🙂

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