Strong Olympic Distance Training Weekend

Hey y’all!  Thanks for all the kind words regarding our house hunting disappointment.  We are moving on, and I’m actually pretty happy with everything.  Only time will tell, but we didn’t want to make a purchase that would change our lifestyle or that we’d regret later.  SO, instead of being bummed about staying in the place, we did a major clean-out of our apartment (as if we were moving) and also got rid of a storage unit we used to have.  This included going through all closets, under beds, etc. and seeing what we had that we either hadn’t used in a few years or really didn’t like.  If you don’t like it – it goes.  If you didn’t even know you had it – it goes.  We had piles for salvation army, the garbage, eBay, and even online consignment (I will let you know how this goes, but considering I don’t have many “brand” clothes I doubt I’ll get much money with it).  So far we are super happy with the result – everything now has it’s place in the apartment, we’ve downsized, and it just feels nicer.


I even found this nice, neat wicker storage box for my yoga and foam rolling gear.  The nerd in me just loves this.

We also decided we need to quit thinking of the apartment as temporary and just start living in it and buying decorations when we see them (I am terrible at decorating – I tend not to buy decorations that aren’t useful or don’t have a purpose, and generally, decorations aren’t useful and don’t have a purpose except as aesthetics 😉  Anyway, we do love plants and succulents in particular – they are beautiful and low maintenance.  There is some part of me that just loves the desert, and having a little piece of it at home and watching it grow makes me happy, so we planted a new garden on the balcony.


Now our balcony has a little garden that can withstand the Texas heat

Olympic tri training is going really well – the last two weeks have been 10-12 hours each (this is including some time for yoga/stretching), and holy intervals!  But it’s what I’ve needed; my hips and quads are feeling good again and I’ve been ready to push.  This weekend was a “strong weekend” with a 2 hour brick each day.  I was really proud of myself to get through both workouts.


LOVING my Di2!! 

Saturday: Run Focused Brick – 0:50 bike + 1:00 hr descending interval run.  The bike was on trainer and then David joined me at 5 AM for an early run since we had to be showered and on the road early for a family event in the San Antonio area.  The run was 10min warm up then 5 x 6 minute intervals with 1 min rest (walk), starting at 10k pace and then descending each interval until around your 5k pace.  Then cool down for 15 min.  Since I was running with David, he always pushes me a little more than I might normally do, and our intervals were at 8:10, 8:02, 7;48, 7:32 and 7:13.  I really felt like I finished strongly!  It was a great way to start the together.  And David is now also a walk break fan; he commented on how much he liked them and really looked forward to them during the run.  (and yes, David can run a lot faster than me, but he’s a really good husband and stays with me when it’s dark out! )

Sunday: Bike + 10k run – I’ll be honest, a 10k run was the last thing I wanted to do this morning.  10k races are hard enough, so doing a 10k solo seemed not fun at all!  I got up and did my bike (this time on the road) and for the 10k run, I decided to make some deals with myself.  I told myself all I had to do is run 2 miles then see how I felt.  Then I did the same at 4 miles.  Then I was so close to finishing that I’d better finish!  Hey, whatever it takes.  I also don’t know if I would have gotten through this run without walk breaks.  My legs were a bit tired from running with David the day before (and being in the car 7+ hours) and I had just come off the bike as well.  I didn’t like the idea of running 6 miles, but I knew I could run 1 mile, take a walk break, then run the next.  So I took a 15-20 second walk break every mile, and boy did I look forward to it.  And you know what?  I finished the 6.2 miles and was only 7 seconds off my 10k PR pace!  My splits were  8:00, 8:02, 8:03, 8:03, 7:57, 7:37, not including my 15-20 second walk breaks.  Considering my legs weren’t super fresh, I was stoked!  Amazing my mind could reframe this and get my body through what at first seemed dreadful.

For both workouts I used Infinit (<—affiliate link $5 off) – for the bike I had a custom formula similar to Infinit Go Far mix, and for the run a hand-held gel flask with Napalm.   I can’t say enough how well this stuff works for me.  It is so easy (no gels, bars) and really helps in humid or hot weather.  I was out of it last weekend and was really missing my salty formulas, which are much needed in the heat. 

And I also did some very different training last week; I had to take helicopter underwater training.  It’s where you’re strapped into a helicopter cabin which is then flipped upside down and you have to knock out your window, unbuckle, and swim out (picture here).  I thought all my flip turns would help, but I was still pretty disoriented and got water up my nose.  It wasn’t too bad, just sort of an interesting experience.

Anyway, this week is going to fly by – we will be traveling to California for vacation at the end of the week – yay!  I can’t wait.

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