June Updates

It’s already 4 weeks after Ironman Texas?!  I kind of miss my “I just did an ironman” excuse to go easy, but at the same time I am itching to push myself again.  Though, I’m having to take things very carefully and teetering on the verge of injury in a couple areas – mainly in my hip (tight TFL) and gluteus medius which I mentioned was a slight problem during the ironman bike ride.  Plus one of my quads seems to get strained very easily if I don’t do a proper warm up.  But I’ve gone to a couple ART treatments for the hip and they seem to be helping.  Painful, but helping.  I just have to watch it from now on – every time I push hard something acts up!

But I’m back to regular workouts – lots of swimming, some biking & running with friends (not a lot of bricks), light strength training and lots of core work.  I find everything is better with planks and I’m enjoying swimming the most.  Swimming as the sun rises is my favorite way to start my day.

And I’ve started my summer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box again, yay!  Some random (mainly food) pics –


We also said bye this week to our good friends & neighbors Amanda and Justin.  I am really going to miss having friends next door and Amanda, who is my best running buddy.  We enjoyed a lot of girl talk on our early morning runs through the Heights.  If you’ve read Kristin Armstrong’s Book Mile Markers: 26.2 Reasons Women Run, which I highly recommend, you will know the meaning of Sweat Sisters.  It is a blessing to come across them in your life!  But she and Justin are starting a wonderful life and family in their beautiful home in East Texas, so we are just so happy for them.  Plus they’re still in Texas, so not too far!


Lastly, we had another weekend away, this time in San Antonio.  Sadly, it was for my grandfather’s memorial service, but we got to see lots of family, so there is always a silver lining. 


Me & Papa at a Trinity U Engineering Awards Ceremony – he was also recognized by Trinity as a Teacher of the Year


My grandfather was an air force pilot, later a passionate US history teacher, and the type of person that would give you the shirt off his back.  It inspires me to do more knowing how much he gave and hearing kind words from his former students.  Papa liked to ask (among other US history trivia questions) “What’s your legacy?” It makes you think twice about how you live and what you want to do with your life.


It was a little sad to think it would likely be our last time back to Universal City / Randolph Air Force Base near San Antonio, but we talked about a lot of childhood memories at their house, shared margaritas (this would have made my Granny very happy), and ate at our family favorite Mexican food restaurant, La Pasadita.   Cheers to Papa for a life full of service and family! 


3 thoughts on “June Updates

  1. Sorry to hear of your injuries and the loss of your grandfather. I’m glad to see you are getting back to SBRing…what’s next on the racing schedule?!?!?!

    1. Hey Kecia! Sorry I missed replying – just an Olympic on Labor Day for now, and maybe a fall race – I’m so non-committal lately, haha! It’s nice to have such little structure 🙂

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